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IMPORTANT NEWS:   We are announcing at this time that as of December 1 you will not be able to access the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series FORUMS. Due to lack of participation and the fact that there is a yearly fee to have the FORUMS we have decided to discontinue them. The Forum contract expires on December 1. We invite everyone to join the Performance Years Forums and you can link to them from our home page on this website. The PY FORUMS is a busy place, full of information, parts, and announcements and recently has added forum threads for the newer Gen cars.

The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series website (the site you are currently viewing) will be maintained and we hope you will continue to visit to catch up on the latest news and announcements, as well as links to our sponsors. We will always have the first and “official” information you will want to read!

The Awards banquet is coming up on January 10. You will be receiving a flyer with information soon. On the flyer you will find information as to how you can contact us to let us know you are coming. (And please let us know asap so that we can be sure there is enough food for everyone!) With the above mentioned announcement you will be able to call or email us your intentions.

Somewhere along the way to the Banquet in January we will probably have one of our informal gatherings in the upcoming weeks at a centrally located food establishment so be on the lookout for that! ‘til then…
Race #10- October 18- Capital Raceway     Saturday at Capital Raceway marked the end of the 2014 season for the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. It was a great season in my opinion; we had great weather, great places to race, fans excited to see us and, at every race, the best people you could wish to spend the afternoon with. Along the way we made some new racing friends, impressed some others and were impressed by the support of our sponsors and tracks where we participated. Thanks go out to Jim Bradshaw and the crew at Capital Raceway, Elmer Watcher and his crew at Mason Dixon and Jim Halsey and his gang at Cecil County for having us and providing us with a great racing surface and a safe place to race. Thanks also to all those who helped along the way this season with set-up, tear-down and patience as we worked through each race. Too many to mention but great to know you all!

Saturday at Capital was also the race where our 2014 Points chase came to a close and it was determined at this race who the Champ would be- it was that close going into the race. It was a bitter-sweet day for Wayne Garrison who clinched the 2014 Championship in the semifinal round but broke and was unable to show for the final.

We will get to the details of the final rounds but first we want to acknowledge one of our long-time sponsors. BUTLER PERFORMANCE, supplying the Pontiac world with the best in performance and engine parts and accessories for our Pontiac motors, has been with OPDS since our start in 1999. Over the years many of our racers have found what they need in parts, service and help from Butler Performance and David Butler wanted to show their appreciation for our loyalty to them. As each racer signed up we provided them with a packet containing items from Butler Performance and a ticket providing them with lunch at the Capital Raceway snack bar. All finalists at Saturday’s race (Quarter, Semi, Runner-up and Winner) received Butler Performance shirts as well. It was a truly nice gesture from a truly great sponsor. Thanks again to BUTLER PERFORMANCE and be sure to thank them when you contact them for your purchases.

On the track-quarterfinals: Reisterstown, MD’s Ray Williams (97 Sunfire) held off Dundalk, MD’s John Drury (72 Lemans) 16.534/16.44 dial to John’s 11.102/11.00dial. In a double breakout, Frederick MD’s Greg Orris (05 GTO) broke out by less taking the win over Ijamsville, MD’s Anne Beard (69 Bonneville) – 11.928/11.94dial to Anne’s 13.535/13.60dial. Westminster, MD’s Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird) took the win over 4-time points champ, Pasadena, MD’s Wayne Aamold (71 Lemans)- 10.795/10.78dial to Wayne’s 10.375/10.36dial. Our new Champ, Pasadena, MD’s Wayne Garrison (69 GTO) got by Walkersville, MD’s Mike Clay (62 Catalina) 10.039/9.87dial vs Mike’s 10.654/10.54dial. John, Anne, Wayne, and Mike all received $60 for their quarterfinal finish.

In the Semifinal Cliff Mayes drew the card matching him up to Greg Orris. Cliff took his Firebird to the stripe first but broke out and gave the win to Greg, who also broke out. Times were: 10.747/10.78dial to Greg’s winning 11.919/11.94dial. On the other side of the ladder it was Ray William’s little Sunfire against Wayne Garrison’s killer GTO. Ray lit-up the RED bulb and Wayne got the automatic win (10.044/9.86) but ran it out and in the traps his victory turned sour as the GTO gave it up for the night. Wayne was not able to show for the final round against Greg. Greg Orris took the final pass to complete the night and take home the victory for Race 10 and a final stand in the points of 2nd place behind our new Champion Wayne Garrison. Greg took home $735, the OPDS Race 10 trophy, and a gift certificate from Performance Years. Wayne’s runner-up finish for the race got him $390 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance. For their Semifinal finish Cliff Mayes and Ray Williams received $95.

Congratulations to our 2014 Points Champion- WAYNE GARRISON and congratulations to all our finalists, in all our races this season. It was a great year and I’m looking forward to 2015. We are already in the planning stages and hope to have some new and different things in store for those who race with us. Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Awards Banquet held on January 10th. We hope to see you all there, or sooner!

                    til then…
    Steve Dress, 10/07/14
The final race is complete and the final points sheet has been posted. Congrats to Wayne Garrison our 2014 Champion, Greg Orris runnerup, Cliff Mayes 3rd, Bill Scheffer 4th and Doug Chell 5th.
Race 9- October 5 – Mason Dixon   Sunday’s Race #9 at Mason Dixon made sure that the Championship for 2014 will be determined at our final race on Oct 18 at Capital Raceway. When the top 5 point leaders dropped out early it made for an interesting race and a big shakeup in the standings going into race 10. Check out the standings on the RESULTS page on our website.

With great weather and the track in great shape- even though we thought for a while we might have to scrape ice! - our field of 21 Pontiacs went into action and here are the results:

From the Quarterfinals –Round 4 : New to our series, from Herndon, VA, Danny Bogle took his 67 GTO to the next round when Jon Gunter (65 GTO) left a little too early. Danny’s 12.679/12.65dial vs Jon’s 10.058/10.03dial. Seventh place Andy Nutt (67 Lemans) found a sweetspot on the tree and put away Chuck Hutzler’s 88 Firebird- Andy’s 10.591/10.54dial vs Chuck’s 11.786/11.75dial. Sixth place Wayne Garrison (69 GTO) got the bye and moved to the Semis- Round 5. Danny and Jon each received $40 for the quarterfinal finish.

In the 5th round (Semifinals) Andy Nutt with the bye moves into the final to face either Wayne Garrison’s GTO or Danny Bogle’s GTO. Wayne’s GTO had overheated on his last bye-run pass and for a while it was a question whether he would be able to make the semi but thanks to the track personnel who towed him back to the staging lanes and fellow OPDS racers who pitched in to help Wayne get cooled down he was able to make the round and made the wait worthwhile by taking the tree and running on his dial to defeat Bogle’s GTO- Wayne’s 10.058/10.05dial to Danny’s 12.614/12.67dial. This win moved Wayne into the final against Andy Nutt’s Lemans. Danny Bogle took home $75 for his Semifinal finish and declares he will be back with us next season because he will be making Mason Dixon his home rack for 2015! Good deal!

In the Final it was Garrison taking the Win light again, running off the dial (10.118/ 10.05dial) but still enough to beat Andy’s 10.695 on his 10.63dial. With this Win Wayne Garrison moves from 6th place into the top spot and carries a very slim lead over Bill Scheffer and Cliff Mayes who are tied for 2nd place and only one (1) round away from taking 1st place!! So it should be a good one at Capital Raceway on October 18th. Wayne took home the OPDS trophy, a gift Certificate from Performance Years, and $535 cash; Andy received a Certificate from Butler Performance and $285 cash for the runnerup spot. Congratulations to our Winner, Runnerup and all or finalists.

Thanks to Mason Dixon for having us again this season and we are pleased to announce that we will be continuing at MD for 2015. Thanks for their crew in welcoming us and helping us along the way. Also thanks to the usual cast of characters in our OPDS group that help with setup and teardown as well as making it a fun day as always.

Stay tuned for the season wrap-up, the banquet announcements and any news from the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. See you at Capital on the 18th!!

                   til then…
    Steve Dress, 10/07/14
Race #8 - Sept 20 – Capital Raceway    Saturday night at Capital Raceway found the OPDS running our 8th event of the season and at the end of the night found the race for the 2014 Championship getting even tighter. Four of the top five point leaders fell in the second round with only Doug Chell’s 67 Firebird moving on. The top five are now separated by only 5 rounds, so the top spot is still up for grabs!

Twenty-one racers showed for the first round and in the second round we found 21 racers again as everyone who lost first round bought back into second round. We love to race our Pontiacs!

Picking up the results in the quarterfinals – Andy Nutt (67 Lemans) got the advantage at the tree but broke loose and spun his way to an off-the-dial 11.043/10.49dial losing to Wayne Garrison’s 69 GTO(10.358/10.10dial). Steve Dress (68 Firebird) redlighted against Joe White’s stick 65 GTO with Joe pulling the levers and running it out to a 9.367/9.37dial vs Steve’s 10.426/10.37dial. The tightest race of the round came with Ray Williams 97 Sunfire up against the 67 Firebird of Doug Chell. Ray,with the better reaction and running closer to his dial was able to hold off Doug’s top-end charge. Ray’s 16.652/16.64 dial vs Doug’s 9.798/9.76dial. Doug, Steve and Andy each took home $70 for their Quarterfinal finish.

The Semifinals turned out to be the finals when Ray Williams, who was to get the bye into the final, broke in the staging lanes and was out for the evening. This put Wayne Garrisons 69 GTO against Joe White’s 65 GTO. The Goat-fight was over when Wayne got the redlight, giving the win to Joe. Times: Wayne 10.174/10.10dial to Joe’s 9.347/9.35dial. Congratulations to Joe who took home $730 for his efforts as well as the OPDS trophy and a gift Certificate from Performance Years. Runner-up Wayne Garrison received $385 and a certificate from Butler Performance. Ray Williams received $135 for the semifinals. Congratulations to all our top finishers.

Check out all the point standings on the results page.

Thanks to everyone who came out to race with us and to those who came without their car to watch or help. Biggest thanks to Jim Staub for running the show and making sure things were working in the lanes and coordinating with the track. Also to Bill Bolin for his photo tags and gathering 50/50 money and of course, his presence! Check out Bill pics of our race on our Facebook page. Thanks as well to Mike Clay, and Paul Beard who are always there to help us get things packed up (and a certain Firebird supplied with oil! Thanks Guys!

Also thanks to Jim Bradshaw and the crew at Capital Raceway for welcoming us and supporting our races there.

Don’t forget to hand in your Sponsor receipts for a shot at the cash to be handed out at the banquet. And also don’t forget to thank any of our sponsors that you contact for their support of the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. We plan to see everyone at Mason Dixon on October 5 for our next race and then one more race at Capital this season on Oct 18 for the last race of 2014. So, drag out that Pontiac you have, or your neighbor who wonders what his Pontiac will do on the track, or anyone else that has a Pontiac and should be at the races!   Remind everyone that you don’t have to be fast to win – Ask Ray Williams about his 16 second Sunfire! Besides, it’s a great time with great people. See ya there!

.         ..til then
    Steve Dress, 9/22/14
Race #7 – Sept 7, 2014 – Mason Dixon    After Race #7 at Mason Dixon on Sept 7, it looks like the top spots in the points race for 2014 are tightening-up with Bill Scheffer in his 98 T/A hanging on to the lead but less than 2 round wins behind him is Cliff Mayes and his 82 Firebird. Third and fourth spots belong to Mike Clay and Doug Chell, separated by only one point, and both of them behind Bill by 4 round wins. And don’t count out last year’s Champ, Greg Orris in his 05 GTO. With Sunday’s win Greg vows to make a difference in the top spot by the end of the season!

Here’s how it went down on Sunday- 17 cars made the first round and by virtue of the best reaction time Bill Scheffer(98 T/A) was privy to the by-run in the first round but was loading up the trailer after round 2 when he lost to Cliff Mayes in a battle of the top two contenders.( Bill’s 10.482/10.49dial vs Cliff’s 10.917/10.90dial). Cliff moved on to the quarterfinals where he was defeated by Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird)- Cliff’s 10.913/10.88dial to Chuck’s 11.828/11.78dial. Also in the quarters Andy Nutt (67 Lemans) defeated a redlighting Randy Peer in his 93 T/A. Andy’s times 10.851/10.52dial vs Randy’s 14.240/14.18dial. Mike Clay (62 Catalina) got past Larry Rowe’s 64 Lamans 10.591/10.56dial to Larry’s 11.913/11.92dial and to finish out the quarters Greg Orris in the 05 GTO won over Anne Beard in the 69 Bonneville- Greg’s 12.066/12.05dial to Anne’s 13.837/13.82dial. All quarter finalists won $40.

In the semis Andy reacted just a little too quick at the tree and gave the win to Mike in the 62 Cat. Andy’s times 10.597/10.52dial vs Mike’s 10.801/10.56dial. On the other side of the ladder the final was set when Greg Orris held off Chuck Hutzler to take the win 12.081/12.09dial to Chuck’s 11.790/11.81dial. Andy and Chuck took home $65 for their Semifinal finish.

In the finals it was Greg Orris in his 05 GTO taking the stripe and the Win over Mike Clay’s 62 Catalina 12.137/12.09dial to Mike’s 10.696/10.57dial. For his Win Greg received the OPDS Trophy, $475 cash and a gift certificate from Performance Years. Mike was awarded$245 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance for his Runner-up finish.

Congratulations to the all our top finishers and Thanks to all of those racers who came out to race on what was a great day for racing at Mason Dixon. Thanks also to the staff at MD for their work at providing a great racing surface and welcoming us, as they always do. I also need to say THANKS for the help and support of all our participants who help us set up and tear down each week. What a great bunch of people! I’m anxious to do it again on September 20th at Capital Raceway and even if you aren’t in the top finishers it’s always a good time to be with your fellow Pontiac fanatics! I hope we see you all there!!

...til then
    Steve Dress, 9/10/14
Race 6, August 16 - Mason Dixon - I would like to acknowledge Jim Staub for running the race in my absence and all those who helped Jim in making it a successful event. Twenty cars showed up to race making this year continue to be our best year for car counts. Also, a big shout-out to Bill Bolin for providing some great pics and video of the event. Check it out on Facebook. Thanks Bill!

Here’s a brief rundown on Saturdays race of August 16, as I see it, based on run sheets provided by Mason Dixon: In the Quarterfinals : Pasadena, MD’s Russ White in his 68 GTO took on Birdsboro, PA’s Michael Koser and his 77 Firebird. With the dial-in only .02 difference for these drivers it was a close one at the finish with both drivers breaking out, but Koser by a lesser margin, taking the win to move on to the semis (Mike- 9.975/9.977dial vs Russ- 9.771/9.79dial). Next pair found Jon Gunter 65 GTO taking the win over a redlighting Cliff Mayes 82 Firebird (10.084/10.05dial to Cliff’s 10.942/10.95dial). Ronnie Jerew’s 72 Chevelle Wagon (Pontiac Powered) took the bye run to move into the semis. Russ and Cliff received $40 for their Quarterfinal finish.

Semis paired Koser’s Firebird against Jerew’s Chevelle with Mike Koser coming out on top at the stripe by a .03 MOV- Koser 9.825/9.76dial to Ronnie Jerew’s 10.755/70.74dial. Jon Gunter’s (65 GTO) got the bye run and would meet Koser in the final. Ronnie took home $65 for the semifinal finish. In the final Mike Koser, in his 3rd final round appearance in as many races with us, took on Jon Gunter and his 65 GTO. Unfortunately Jon redlighted away his chance for the trophy, giving the win to Mike Koser who ran 9.782 on his 9.78 dial. Mike received the $540 cash, the trophy and a gift certificate from Performance years for his win and Jon was awarded the $290 cash and Butler Performance certificate for his Runner-up finish.

Congratulations to all our finalists and thanks to all those who made the trip to race with us. Next race is again at Mason Dixon and we hope to see you all there on September 7.

      Til then…
    Steve Dress, 8/26/14
  I'd like to give a special THANKS to Bill Bolin and Paul Beard for helping me setup, Bill for helping with running the race and EVERYONE who helped tear down after the last round! on 8/16. I could not have run the race without you!.... Jim
Race 5, July 19 – Capital Raceway – Funny Cars, Altereds, Jet cars, Pro Stick, 422 Allstars, Bracket cars, and 23 Pontiacs made up the show on Saturday night at Capital Raceway and we never thought they would get it all done before the county imposed curfew. But Jim Bradshaw and the crew at CR made it happen and we want to thank them for having us, providing a great track surface and the support they continue to show us.

The 5th race of our 10 race season gets us to the halfway mark and at this point it’s still anybody’s guess who will come out on top at the end of the season. At this point Bill Scheffer has a handle on the number 1 spot followed by former Champ Cliff Mayes.

Picking up at the Quarter finals –Washington DC’s Wayne (RIP) Gilham (68 Firebird) was up against current OPDS point leader Cliff Mayes(82 Firebird). Wayne moved on to the Semis when Cliff gets the red bulb. Wayne’s times- 10.346/10.33dial; Cliff-10.869/10.92dial). Wayne picked up the $50 bounty from Cliff for beating the current point leader. Also in the round St. Thomas, PA’s Bill Scheffer (98 T/A) won a tight race against Fullston, MD’s Doug Chell (67 Firebird)- Bill-10.195/10.18dial; Doug-9.666/9.68dial. Finishing out the round with a bye run was Baltimore, MD’s John Drury (72 Lemans) running 10.987/10.90dial and a perfect light (000) as well. Cliff and Doug both earned $82 for their Quarterfinal finish.

Moving into the Semis- Drury’s perfect light the previous round did not get him the bye because he had a bye in an earlier round. John’s light, after great lights all day, came up short in the semi and he caught the old red eye giving the win to Bill Sheffer and a ticket into the Final. Bills time- 10.297/10.18 to a shutting off 14.140 for John Drury. Wayne Gilham and his Firebird showing that he was ready to play pulled out a.004 light, running a 10.391 on his 10.33 dial. John Drury’s Semifinal finish got him $160.

In an all F-body Final it was Bill Scheffer ‘s 98 T/A up against the 68 Bird of Wayne Gilham. In another close one a slight starting line advantage went to Bill who held on to take the stripe and the win to a slightly breaking out Wayne. Bill- 10.414/10.40dial vs Wayne-10.315/10.33dial. Wayne headed home with $415 and a Butler Certificate for the runner-up finish and Bill Scheffer took the Winner’s pay-$775, a Performance Years Certificate and the Trophy . Congratulations to Bill, who is now on the top of the Point standing and congratulations to all our finishers. With all that was going on at Capital on this day it was surprising that we got out of there in record time, beating the curfew which we never thought would happen. But we made it to the Nautilus Diner and were out of there a little before 1am. Long day.

Thanks to all who helped with the race, came out to support us or to watch some of the finest Pontiacs you’ll find anywhere. If you want to see some of these great Pontiacs visit us on Facebook-lots of great shots as well as some videos to see there.

We are at the halfway point and there’s plenty of racing to go, so come out and have some fun with us and join us at the next event whether your racing with us, checking us out or spectating, we’d love to see you there- Next race- August 16th at Mason Dixon.

       ‘til then…
    Steve Dress, 7/22/14

Race 4 - Mason Dixon turned out to be a race that resulted in another new Points leader for the season, the third new leader in 4 races. With the top 2 points guys not competing this race it was a chance to shake things up in the standings for the 23 racers in competition.

This, our second race this season at Mason Dixon, drew out some of our past racers – Rodney Oke, Carl Hasenstab, Bob George, Randy Peer- to name a few, and it was good to see them all whether they raced with us or not. We all had a good time catching up.

Catching up to the action on the track- in the Quarter finals Cliff Mayes ‘82 Firebird took the win over Wayne Garrison’s 69 GTO by virtue of a redlight. (Cliff- 10.956/10.96dial vs Wayne’s 10.106/10.09dial). On the other side of the ladder Bill Scheffer’s 98 T/A took on Jeff Raff’s 64 GTO. Again, the ole red eye decided the winner at the get-go, letting Bill advance to the semis. (Bill-10.340/10.28dial vs Jeff’s 10.060/10.07dial). Wayne and Jeff both received $70 for their Quarterfinal finish.

The winner of our last race- Mike Koser (77 Firebird) advanced to the semis with a bye run, running 9.822 on a 9.82 dial, and a .007 light. Nice package!

Semi final- Cliff Mayes vs Mike Koser, making it the 3rd time these two have faced each other in the last two races; score 1 round for each of these drivers. Both cars left the line with great reactions, Cliff first, but Mike’s 77 Firebird moving-up quickly on Cliff’s 82 Firebird. In an effort to make it 2 out of 3 and advance to the finals Koser got past Mayes but broke out, giving the win to Cliff. (Cliff’s times: 10.971/10.94dial vs 9.797/9.80dial for Mike Koser.

Bill Scheffer took the bye run to meet Cliff Mayes in the Final.

In the Final the 98 T/A of St. Thomas, PA’s Bill Scheffer was just a little too late getting out of the gate and gave the Win to Pasadena, MD’s Cliff Mayes.( Bill: 10.408/10.28dial vs Cliff:11.010/10.94dial).Cliff won the Trophy, the $50 from Mason Dixon, the Certificate from Performance Years, and the $515 cash, with Bill taking home a Certificate from Butler Performance and $300 cash for the runner-up finish.

Congratulations to all our top finishers !!!

As a result of this race Cliff Moves into the top position in the points race based on total points. However, since we throw out one race, Bill is actually 1st at this time. With less than 4 rounds separating the top 5 places it’s anyone’s race at this point. Stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the race day things to do-Bill with 50/50 sales ( the best we had this season so far, $90 going to the winner), Jim with almost everything else and all those who set up and tear down. THANK YOU!

As a reminder to all, we follow all track and sanctioning body rules in regards to safety. In the past, we have had racers that were warned by the track when they determined that the racer hit the brakes too hard at the finish line. If the track disqualifies someone, we will follow their lead, either for the race or the season. Safety is paramount.

Another quick reminder that we are taking receipts for our “Sponsor Support” program – worth $300 cash to the winner, and also that we are awarding $100 cash to the points participant who moves the most from midseason to the end. And we are handing out $50 in Bounty on Cliff Mayes, our current point leader to anyone who beats him in the next race, which is coming up on July 19th at CAPITAL RACEWAY. Hope to see you all there. Until then…

    Steve Dress, 7/5/14
Running a little late on getting this out but to those who wonder what happened at Race #3- here ya go…..

Race #3 June 7 –Capital Raceway
  Capital Raceway was the host of the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series race #3 on June 7th , the first of 4 events for OPDS at Capital this year. Twenty-three Pontiacs made it to the first round and made this event a game changer in the point standings. Thanks to Jim Bradshaw and the crew at Capital for welcoming us and providing a great racing surface and also providing us with some bonus money to boot.

Here's how it went down, starting in the quarterfinals: Bill Scheffer in his 98 T/A cuts a great light against the uncharacteristic snoozer light of Doug Chell in his 67 Firebird and was on his way to an easy victory, but ran out of the laughing gas on the top-end, letting Doug slip by to take the round by a margin of .003sec. (Bill’s run- 10.55/10.20dial vs Doug’s 9.769/9.75dial).

The next paring saw Cliff Mayes ('82 Firebird) lose out on his chance to advance by getting the ‘ole red-eye and handing the win to Mike Koser's 77 firebird (9.711/9.68dial vs cliff’s 10.736/10.70dial). Bill and Cliff collected $80 for their quarterfinal finish. Jon Gunter (65 GTO) finished the round with his earned bye to move into the semis.

The Semis paired Jon Gunter’s GTO against Doug Chell with Doug catching the better light and hitting the stripe first in a double breakout run with Doug’s Firebird breaking out by less: 9.752/9.76dial to Jon’s 10.064/10.10dial. Jon went home with $165 for his semi finish. Mike Koser earned the bye this round into the final.

The Final turned out to be a close one as the Firebirds of Doug Chell and Mike Koser both broke out, but Birdsboro, PA’s Mike Koser by a lesser margin, taking the win by .004! Times were: Doug- 9.736/9.75dial; Mike-9.709/9.69dial. Mike took home $785 cash, the trophy and a Performance Years gift Certificate for Winning and Doug took the $430 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance for his Runner-up finish. Congratulations to both and to all our finalists.

It was a great day of racing even though yours truly ended up with a pile of metal that used to be a ring and pinion, but on the whole we all had a good time. Thanks to all for the help in setting up and tearing down. We cleared the track in record time and enjoyed a well-deserved feed at the Nautilus Diner, as well as some more conversation with some great people- the OPDS racers! Thanks to all who came out and we hope to see you at the next race- June 22 at Mason Dixon. ‘til then…
    Steve Dress, 6/28/14
Race 2 -- May 25 – Cecil County Dragway    Twenty-four Pontiac racers found their way to Rising Sun Md, the home of Cecil County Dragway, to take part in Race #2 of the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. It was a beautiful Sunday morning of the Memorial Day weekend on a special day for all of us to remember those who have served and sacrificed for us all.  

It was great to see racers come to spend some of their holiday time with us and it was also great that some of them came from quite a distance to join us. Several racers from the New York area as well as the Pittsburg area joined in the action on Sunday. We hope these racers had a good time and that they will join us again at other events this year.

Picking up the action in the semis we found New City, NY’s Jamey Horton and his 66 Tempest up against Farmingdale, NY’s Roger Miller and his 69 Firebird. Although Roger had the advantage at the tree, Jamey took the win, running closer to the dial – 9.982 (9.94 dial) to Roger’s 11.043 (10.93 dial). On the other side of the ladder was Pasadena, Md’s Wayne Garrison and his 69 GTO who took an easy pass with a by-run into the final.

In an all A-body final Jamey took the stripe and the win, again overcoming Wayne’s better light but running closer to the dial- 9.969 (9.94 dial) over Wayne’s 10.055 (10.00 dial). Jamey took home the Winning loot- $540 cash, trophy and a gift certificate from Performance Years. For the Runner-up finish Wayne received $320 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Other finalists were: Roger Miller (69 Firebird)whose semifinal finish got him $90 cash and quarter finalists Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird) and Steve Dress (68 Firebird) each received $40. Congratulations to all our finalists and a big THANK YOU for taking part in our event.

Many thanks to our sponsors who make our events worthwhile and thanks also to those who helped on Sunday. When they announced that we had 15 minutes to get out before they locked the gate it seemed everyone pitched in and helped tear it all down and get us on the road and outa-there! Can’t say enough good stuff about you guys and gals! Thanks also to everyone for the Birthday wishes, the donuts, the brownies and even the singing! It made my day special. THANKS!

Regardless of the high gate fees and the tolls and the distances we all had to travel it was a great day to race and it was a great place to race. Maybe we’ll do it again next year?! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, see ya next race –Saturday-June 7- CAPITAL RACEWAY. Until then-be safe.
    Steve Dress, 5/29/14
Race 1 – May 4, 2014 – Mason Dixon.   Eighteen Pontiacs, anxious to get what seemed like the “forever” Winter behind them showed for the first event of the 16th season for the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. The weather was great and the Pontiacs were greater. This event also marked the first race that we offered Buy-backs, as well as the return of the ladder for pairing the cars after the 3rd round.

The idea of the Buy-backs seemed to be a hit as all but two of the 1st round losers took advantage and bought into the second round. OPDS offers a full payout to Buy-Back racers who finish in the semi or better rounds (buyback entry fees go into payouts) and one-half the points they would normally acquire. Note that we may not be able to offer Buybacks at each race. The option is up to the discretion of the track operator.

Doug Chell took full advantage of his buyback, taking his 67 Firebird to the final round and overcoming Mike Clay and his 62 Catalina’s starting line advantage by running closer to his dial- 9.768(9.75 dial) to Mike’s 10.76 (10.70 dial). Doug’s win got him the $510 cash, a Trophy and a gift certificate from Performance Years, while Mike gather up $270 cash and a credit certificate from Butler Performance for finishing as the Runner-up. However, because of the points count for buybacks Mike ends up at the top of the heap after our first race. Congratulations to both Doug and Mike!

In the Semifinals Robert Falcone’s 67 Firebird broke against Doug’s Firebird and Steve Dress(68 Firebird) ran out (10.484/10.50dial) against Mike’s dead on dial (10.712/10.71). Robert and Steve both received $80 for the Semifinal finish. Quarter finalists for Race 1 was Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird), Kyle Garber (93 Firebird), Paul Beard (69 GTO) and Jon Gunter (65 GTO). Each received $40 for the Quarterfinal finish. Congratulations to all our finalists and thanks to all who came out to race.

We noted that several of our “regulars” were out due to various reasons and we hope to see you all as the season progresses. Thanks of course to our great sponsors and supporters. They make this all possible and we hope you support them as they have us. Check them out here on our website and remember that if you have services and /or products from our sponsors show us your receipts to enter you into our “Sponsor Support Program” which awards a cash prize at our end of the season Awards Banquet. As always thanks to those who helped set-up and teardown- Mike clay, Andy Nutt and of course Jim Staub, who was his usual, extremely helpful self in getting things done and keeping me on track!!

We hope to see everyone at our next race-May 25 at Cecil County. A good turnout would be nice as we would like to show Cecil County what we can offer to their program. Until then- take care-be safe!!
    Steve Dress, 5/11/14
It’s GO time!   I hope everyone is ready to Rock-n-Roll this Sunday, May 4th, at Mason Dixon Dragway for the first race of the 2014 OPDS season.

I wish I was more ready but then again are we ever completely ready!? I’m just anxious to get out and let-er rip and to see all my Pontiac friends again. I have been made aware that there are several of you who are having issues and may not be able to make it to the first race. Even if you can’t bring the race car come on out and do some Pontiyaking with us!

2014 is promising to be a great year with OPDS thanks to the great support from our sponsors and racers. This year we are introducing BUYBACKS and reintroducing the use of the LADDER (after 3rd round). Entry fees have not changed and we still offer a very competitive payout, bonus payouts at some events (Capital), and chances to win more cash with our BOUNTY award, and the SECOND CHANCE award, as well as a shot at our drawing for the SPONSOR SUPPORT program.

And don’t forget our POINTS program –it’s a WIN WIN deal - $40 enters you in the program and if you finish in at least 10th place you will get your money back!! With a year-end banquet that offers more chances at cash, prizes, good food and great people you just can’t say NO!

So… we’ll see you at the track and good luck to all! Be safe.
    Steve, 4/30/2014

Click here for a high resolution version of the flyer

The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series held our annual Racer Awards Banquet for the 2013 racing season on January, 11th 2014 at the Washington County Agriculture center, Boonsboro, MD. This was our 15th year handing out cash and prizes to those who participated in the OPDS Points program. After checking-in and taking in the displays of Jeff Raff’s awesome ’64 GTO and 2013 Points Champion Greg Orris’s 05 GTO, racers, family, and friends were found taking on the practice tree contest (thanks to John Gaydosh of Gaydosh Performance, who provided the tree and ran the contest), picking up 50/50 tickets, purchasing some OPDS merchandise, or engaging in several of the bench racing subjects going on before dinner. After the usual great grub from GT’s Catering, Steve gave us a few words about the series and the upcoming 2014 race season, including the 10 race schedule, with events at Mason-Dixon, Capitol, and Cecil County, and the news that we will be offering buy-backs and going to a ladder system after the 3rd round. After the business of 2014 was covered following awards were handed out.

Champion for 2013 – 05 GTO – Greg Orris was awarded a cash prize, a custom made Championship trophy (courtesy of Shawn Miller of Custom Concepts), a TH400 Street/Strip transmission (courtesy of Jim Hostler of Hostler Transmissions), a VIP pass for free track enrtry at all Mason Dixon OPDS events, and a gift from our prize table (courtesy of our sponsors). Runner-up – 82 Firebird – Cliff Mayes – Received cash, Trophy and a Gift from our prize table 3rd place – Bill Scheffer - Received cash, Trophy and a Gift from our prize table 4th place – Chuck Hutzler - Received cash, Trophy and a Gift from our prize table 5th and 6th was a tie between Anne Beard (69 Bonneville) and Andy Nutt (67 Tempest). The “Tie Breaker” was determined by a “boxing” match between Andy and Anne, Oh yeah, the contest was won by the person who could put on the most number of boxer shorts while wearing the full sized boxing gloves!!! The results ended in Anne’s favor. Guess we know who wears the pants now!! Trophies, cash and a trip to our prize table were given to both racers. Thanks go out to Eric Patterson of Power Company DJ’s for providing the play calling of this important run-off!!
The balance of the points finalists were given cash and a Gift from our prize table: 7th place – 68 Firebird - Steve Dress 8th pace – 64 GTO – Jeff Raff 9th place- 62 Catalina – Mike Clay 10th place – 65 GTO – Jon Gunter. Second Chance award for moving the most positions from mid season to the final race of the season went to Cliff Mayes. Cliff was handed a $100 bonus for moving 11 positions. Everyone in the points program this year was given a chance to pick a prize from our gift table. Additional cash prizes were handed out in drawings for Perfect Attendance, 50/50 drawing, Reaction Time contest, Points Participants, the Sponsor Support Program, and several door prizes as well. We hope everyone had a good time and maybe got lucky and won a few bucks to boot. OPDS would like to thank our sponsors, many who were in attendance, and all those who provided for the banquet as well as those of you who helped set up and teardown afterwards. The 2014 season is fast approaching and I can’t wait for us all to get together again. In fact, we will probably have another informal gathering at Golden Corral sometime in February. Stay tuned for any notice of that. Meanwhile, back to the garage and we hope to see you all on May 4th at Mason Dixon, waiting for the call- ‘Pontiacs to the Lanes!!’
Our 2014 race dates have been posted on our schedule page.
Thanks everyone for coming out to our Awards Banquet yesterday 1/11. Pics are posted on our facebook page here.... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.499840033469186&type=1
IMPORTANT... the RULES document has been updated to reflect changes that were disucssed at the banquet. Most of the changes are for the calculation of points in respect to rainouts.
    Steve & Jim, 04/29/13
»»» Hostler Transmissions announces a new incentive for 2013 OPDS racers.

Jim Hostler of HOSTLER TRANSMISSONS is returning as one of our sponsors for 2013 and this year is making an offer that should stir-up everyone’s interest.

Jim, a Pontiac racer himself, is the man behind the transmissions of Pontiac racers including John Gaydosh, Jeff Kinsler, Doug Chell, and Steve Dress just to name a few of the many that use his service. Jim builds a high grade trans using the best of high-quality parts, and with his expertise and experience he will build to suite your needs.

For 2013, HOSTLER TRANSMISSIONS, in addition to his generous cash support is upping the deal by awarding a Street-StripTransmission ( not yours rebuilt) to the 2013 Points Champion- to be awarded at the year-end banquet. Great deal!

Jim will also be at the Bonus event at Maple Grove this year and is offering a cash incentive to any OPDS participant who wins the class! Stop by the OPDS tent and pick up your Hostler decals to be eligible.

Give Jim a call at 302-220-7363 and let him know what you need. He’s a great guy to talk to and to deal with- I know he can help you out!
    Steve, 4/20/13

UPCOMING 2013 SEASON – As most of you are aware, Facebook seems to be the place to go to stay in contact with your friends, family or anything you have an interest in. That includes The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. Thanks to those who contribute to our Facebook page and thanks to Bill Bolin for keeping it current.

However, don’t forget us here on our website. If you Google “Pontiac Drag Racing” we are still the first listing and we would like to maintain that status by keeping our site active. And to keep it active we are trying to keep you informed of what is going on with OPDS- So, please stay tuned and stay informed with the latest news and information.

Another point to bring up here – if you are having trouble with the website- not being able to access or not being able to post, or view certain areas, let us know and we will get you up and running again. (Remember that you must be registered in order to be able to post in the Forums).

Another tip is that if you stay logged in on the forums, you will not be asked for your password again and again; this seems to be an issue for some people. We regret that it is a process to get everyone involved immediately on the website but after being hacked years ago and not wanting to go through it again, certain measures were taken to help with that problem. Unfortunately it slows down the process of allowing everyone to have the freedom as they wish.

Click here for HOW TO CONTACT US?

2013 is off and running and we are anxious to get going with our 15th year of Pontiac Drag Racing. We have 10 events this year - 9 races scheduled and our “race-within-a-Race” at Maple Grove. Of the 9 races scheduled, 5 of them are at Mason Dixon, with 4 others at Capitol Raceway. You can check the dates at Mason Dixon’s website but be sure to check back here to be aware of any changes, etc.

We have several Sponsors already on board for 2013, including Butler Performance, Performance Years/Pypes, Stu Kincaid, Hostler’s Transmissions, Andy’s Auto Tech, Custom Concepts, C-Ely Signs & Graphics, and Peer’s Used Auto Parts.

2013 looks to be pretty much a repeat of last season but as mentioned before, we are looking into some subjects that our racers have wondered about. As always stay tuned to this site for changes, updates and news for the Series. Hope to see you all on May 5th at Mason Dixon!

    Steve, 4/20/13