Party at Wayne’s!

Next Sunday July 30 th OPDS racers and family are invited to Wayne Garrison’s house to celebrate his Birthday! Join your Pontiac fanatic friends at 658 D Street, Pasadena, MD 21122 and bring your Pontiac, and your swim suit because the pool is open! Also, if you’d like to bring some eats to contribute to the party, please contact Wayne at 443-623- 8011 or email them at DrGarr23@gmail.com or signup at


See ya there!


Yesterday's race (7/22) has been rained out. No rain date is scheduled for this race. We will see everyone after Norwalk on August 13th at Cecil County Dragway for race #6.

  Points have been posted as of the July 9th race at Cecil County  



Race# 4 July 9 -2017 Winner- Jason Rogers; Runner-up- Jeff Raff

Sunny day, temp in the 80’s, DA in the 1800’s and a slight tail wind offered a great day for our 4th scheduled race of the season. Four races and 3 different Point leaders so far says that it’s anybody’s game as we near the half-way point in the season. Currently our top point position goes to Jeff Raff (64 GTO) even though he lost in the final to Jason Rogers(05 GTO), clicking it off early due to some issues with the GTO he was nursing through the final rounds. However, Jason was on a roll Sunday and it was his day to be Winner of our 4th race this season, topping a field of 23 cars. Jason laid down a great package, with a .021 light and a 13.011 on a 13.00 dial on his final round against Jeff. Good job Jason! For the win Jason picked up $650 cash from OPDS, Max Performance, and Hostler Transmissions, one of our great sponsors in attendance, along with the OPDS Race 4 Winner trophy. Jeff in the runner-up spot received $200 cash and a Certificate from Butler Performance.

Other finalists were Steve Dress (68 Firebird) Semifinalist, with Billy Farrell(84 TA) and Joe Winick(74 Ventura) as the Quarterfinalists. Semis took home $75 and the Qtrs received $50 for their efforts.

Congratulations to all our finalists and thank you for everyone who showed on Sunday and again to Hostler Transmissions for kicking in the cash for our Winner. Although the car count was low for a race at Cecil we still had the 2nd largest class there on Sunday. We have 3 more races at Cecil County this season including a $1000 cash payout to the winner on September 17th. But first we have several other races before that – Next race is in one week (Saturday July 22) at Mason Dixon and this is a late-day race with the gates opening at 1PM and time trials at 4pm, so plan accordingly.

We can’t forget the people that helped us out on Sunday and made my life much easier on that day- Jim Staub and Bill Bolin for running the show, getting the run sheets from the tower each round and handling the table duties; to Troy Tribby for providing “shuttle” service to the tower (and btw- it was Troy’s Birthday!), to the gals who provided our racers with plenty of food for the day-Thanks to Jen and Tracy and anyone else I wasn’t aware of. Sorry I didn’t get to partake but I know it was really appreciated by all. And thanks to those who helped teardown afterwards- Andy Nutt and Chuck Hutzler –thanks guys!

Since I’m late getting this out it’s a short stretch til the next race but I hope everyone can get there and encourage anyone out there with a Pontiac to come race with us. Remember you don’t have to be entered in our points program to race with us.

See you all next Saturday at Mason Dixon!

Til then…

    Steve, 7/14/2017

Race 3: The Rocking Chair Nationals at Mason Dixon on Sunday June 24 was a great event to see lots of great cars in the show area, plenty of nostalgia drag cars and a nice group of special classes including Pro Stick, the 409 club and the best class of all- the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series! Although we were a featured group in the RC Nats it was our 3rd scheduled race of the 2017 season, a regular point race. 25 cars showed for the first round and when the day ended it was a really cool final with two 62 Catalinas going at it in the final round.

Mike Clay took the win light (MOV .011- 2’ 5”)-running a 10.337 @ 127.81on a10.29 dial to Chris Kelican’s 8.615 @ 153.32 on his 8.58 dial with the starting line advantage going to Mike. Congratulations to Mike for his win. Mike collects a total of $600 for the win from OPDS, Mason Dixon and Pypes Performance, along with trophies from OPDS and Gary Gore’s Rocking Chair Nationals. Chris received $200 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Our other finalists were Jeff Raff (64 GTO) as the semi winner, Chuck Hutzler (82 Firebird), Nick Wiegand (86 TA), and Steve Dress (68 Firebird) for quarterfinals. Semi paid $75 and qtr paid $50.

Congratulations to all out finalists!!

Big thanks to those who helped on` Saturday including Jim Staub, the main man for running the race day ops, and Bill (lobster) Bolin for toughing it out with the “burn” to help with the table functions and some great pics and videos.

Also THANK YOU to Gary Gore who invited us to participate in the RC Nats and provided us with participant plaques and a big trophy to Mike for his win at this event. Thanks Gary- it was great working with you!

Also again, to the crew at Mason Dixon- great job with the program, the track surface and welcoming us as you always do.

Our next race is on Sunday, July 9th at Cecil County. Always a nice turnout there; let’s make it even nicer and give them our usual great group of Pontiac racers!

Til then…


    Steve, 6/25/17

Race 2 – June 3, 2017 – Mason Dixon

The weather finally gave us a break on June 3rd, offering up a nice clear, sunny day and 27 Pontiac racers signed-up for our Race #2 at Mason Dixon. And we saw a lot of nice Pontiacs, noting some ride changes for several of our “regulars” and some new faces to join our points program. Among them was our Winner for Race #2- Kyle Garber, who took his ’93 Firebird to the finals against the ’00 Grand-Am of Mason Dixon regular Mark Harbaugh. Mark walked away with the runner-up spot collecting $200 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance for his effort. In getting to the finals Mark got past semifinalist Mike Clay’s ’62 Catalina and Quarterfinalist Greg Orris’s 05 GTO before facing Kyle in the final.

Kyle meanwhile put quarterfinalist Chuck Hutzler (82 Firebird) in the trailer and made a round 5 bye-run putting him into the finals. For his Win on Saturday Kyle received a total of $600 in cash from OPDS, Mason Dixon and Pypes Performance Exhaust as well as the OPDS Race #2 trophy.

Great showing of Pontiacs and it was also great to see the familiar faces of our series “regulars”. We are doing it again on June 24 at Mason Dixon where we will be a part of the “Rocking Chair Nationals”. It will be a long day and an early start to the day on the 24th. Gates open at 9am and show time is 10am where we get a chance to display our Pontiacs before we go into competition. Also, there will be some great nostalgia cars at this event to enjoy. I hope to have a good turnout of Pontiacs. Gary Gore of Gold Dust Memories will be handing out participation plaques so if you plan to attend let us know via FB, or email at opds2015@gmail.com

We would like to thank everyone for coming out this weekend and thanks to those who helped throughout the day- especially Jim Staub and Bill Bolin. Also, we thank the crew at Mason Dixon for welcoming us and providing us with a great racing surface. Stay tuned for more info on Race 3- June 24- at the Rocking Chair Nationals.

…til then

    Steve, 6/4/17

Well, this isn’t how we wanted the season to start- rained-out two days in a row! Yesterday we made it about ½ hour into the drive and today we were only 15 mins from the track when they cancelled. Oh well, that’s racing.

Race 1 will NOT be considered for the throw-out race this season UNLESS we have another rainout and then it will be counted. There is one throw-out this year.

Our next race is scheduled for June 3 and don’t forget that we are to be part of the program (and running our #3 points race) on June 24 at the Rocking Chair Nationals at Mason Dixon. Here’s hoping for better weather for those two dates.

Enjoy your next couple of weeks- see you on the 3rd!

    Steve, 5/7/17

There is a lot happening in the world of bracket racing and drag racing in general these days. NHRA seems to be hitting a new stride. Factory hot rods are changing the make-up of the sport with newer classes that some of us have never heard of and, along with power adders, small tire classes, traction controls, and more electronics than necessary, we are seeing that amazing ETs and speeds are the new norm. Tracks are switching to 1/8mi, changing classes and their programs to suite the changes and, I guess in some cases, to survive.

Recently Capital Raceway has decided to drop their class 2 and trophy classes and run only Class 1 (Super/Pro) and Junior Dragster in an effort, in their opinion, to grow with the changing sport of Bracket racing and to give the racers what they want. I’m sure the $5k payout will draw-in larger numbers for the one class and maybe the opportunity is there for the average no-box racer to get lucky and win one of these events, but In my opinion this only discourages the average, low buck, casual racer like most of us who want to enjoy the sport and not have to remortgage the house to do it. I can’t but feel this type of move is only destroying the sport at least for the truly “little” guy.

But, with all that being said, in less than one week the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series is continuing into our 19th season with the ¼ mile regular bracket format that we have all learned to love and appreciate. This season we are offering 11 races at just two venues- Mason Dixon and Cecil County. The only changes to our season is a slight increase in entry to race with an increase in payouts through ¼ finals. OPDS will have a fixed payout with 20 or more cars and below 20 cars payouts will be based on car count as in previous seasons. Again we are offering a $1000 payout to our Points Champion at the end of the season and payouts to 10th place. Entry to Points is unchanged at $45. Buybacks and rain dates are at the discretion of the track and we will inform you of that status as we go. At this point we feel buybacks will be offered at each race and rain dates are ok’d for most races at Mason Dixon. Stay tuned for details.

If you need to contact me use opds2015@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook – Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series.

Let’s make this another great year for Drag Racing our Pontiacs- we’ll see you next Saturday- May 6 at Mason Dixon!

…til then


Sponser Note: Larry Rowe (Distributors by Larry) has changed his phone number.

It is 240-625-8381.

****  The flyer for this season has been mailed. Click HERE for a full sized version.



January 2017

It’s mid-January and the schedule has been set. Click here to see the schedule page. We have a few other details to work out yet so the printed version will be appearing in your mailbox until sometime in February. If you have raced with us you are probably on our mailing list. If not, or you’re not sure and you want a printed version, email your address to opds2015@gmail.com.

The OPDS 2017 season will consist of 11 races with 7 of them at Mason Dixon and 4 at Cecil County. We have not determined rain dates yet. For those entered in the Points Program there will be 1 throw-out race for the season and a rainout is not counted as throw-out unless we have two or more events rained out; then one of the rainouts will be counted as the throw-out. Speaking of the Points program, we are continuing to charge a one-time fee of $45 to enter and will pay at least $45 to the 10th place finisher. Because of last year’s generous sponsor support we were able to pay the 10th place finisher $75. Let’s hope we can do it again this year! The top finisher in points will receive $1000 cash.

We had a winner in our “Sponsor Support Program”. Doug Chell’s name was drawn from the list of entries and was awarded the $300 cash, making Doug an even bigger winner in the 2016 season! We need to mention that Doug was generous enough to give back half of his prize to help support OPDS!! Thanks Doug! We are making a small change in the drawing for 2017. The number of “tickets” you have will be based on the number of receipts, not the value of each receipt. So, 1 receipt=1 ticket entered, 2 receipts=2 tickets, etc. We feel this gives everyone a better shot at winning the prize and hopefully will encourage everyone to enter.

There will be more information about our program, special events, etc to come later this Spring, so stay tuned, “enjoy” the Winter...see ya next round!

    Steve, 01/22/17

Time to catch up on some things before the end of the year and to inform you of some things that are in store for next season.

First off- if you plan to get entered in the “Sponsor Support Program” you need to get your receipts sent in by the 31st of Dec. You can email a copy, or snail-mail them to me but get them here- it could mean $300 cash toward your winter project! Email them to OPDS2015@gmail.com or email me at that address and I will give you the postal address to use. Remember, it’s any receipt showing your purchase of parts or services from any of our sponsors. The more $$$ you spend the more chances you have!

We have tried something new this year for our top 5 points leaders. At the suggestion of one of our racers, on December 3rd we held a gathering of our Top 5 to present them with their cash awards and trophys to applaud their accomplishments. We met at Madrones Bar & Grill in Frederick MD and enjoyed a great meal and the company of our Pontiac brothers. It was a good time and I hope that maybe we can make this a tradition for other years. This was a coordinated effort- suggested by racers and organized by racers and I have to say that it was great to attend this event and not have to do any of the work! Thanks a bunch to all involved.

We also want to again congratulate our 2016 Champion Doug Chell on his very successful season.


Next year

The dates requested for our 2017 season have been forwarded to Mason Dixon and Cecil County, the two tracks we will running. We have asked for 7 dates at Mason Dixon and 4 at Cecil. Again next year we have tried to avoid other events that are Pontiac related or events that our racers generally attend such as the Max Performance car show, Ocean City Cruise, etc. Hopefully we have not missed any.

With the 11 race schedule there will be one “throw-out” race unless we have two or more rainouts (or cancellations for any other reason), then there will be NO throw-outs.

In 2017 there will be a slight increase in our enty fees- Race entry will be increased to $25 and to enter the Points program a one-time fee of $45. We plan to keep our buybacks at $10.

Stay tuned for news on the upcoming schedule and other things you may want to know about the next season. Remember that you can email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions at OPDS2015@gmail.com . I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Holiday season and here’s hoping that the winter passes quickly so that we can get to racing again!

       til then…

    Steve, 12/05/16

Great turn out of Pontiacs at Cecil County Sunday (Oct 16) for the 11th and Final race of the 2016 season of the Outlaw Pontiac Drag series. It was a busy day and a great day for racing. At the end of the night and 6 rounds Jon Gunter came out on top of the 33 car field to take the win over Jeff Raff. Jon’s 65 GTO was off the dial by .018 vs Jeff’s 64 GTO off by .011 but made up the difference with a better light and took the win with a 9.338@141.86mph to Jeff’s 9.791@135.33mph. Great job guys!! This final race of the season offered a cool $1000 to the winner, the trophy and some cash from Max Performance - plus an additional $100 thrown in by Jim Hostler Transmissions- one of our great sponsors who raced with us on Sunday- Thanks Jim! Runner-up payout was $500 and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Semi-finals went to Randy Peer (63 Lemans) and Mike Wilson (70 GTO), who each received $175 cash and our Quarter finalists were Russ White (68 GTO), Cliff Mayes(82 Firebird), and Jason Rogers (05 GTO), who all collected $100 for their efforts. Congratulations to all our finalists!!

As mentioned, this was our final race for 2016 and also concluded our Points Series for the year. This year’s Champion is Doug Chell, who lead in the points for 7 of the 9 races we had this season, has been a top 5 finisher in points each year since he joined us in the early 2000’s and this year came out on top. Doug attributes his success to his persistence and to quote one of Doug’s favorite lines: ‘even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime’! Doug will receive the top prize of $1000 for his #1 finish in Points, and of course, a Championship trophy.

Check out our point finalists in the “Results” tab of our website (outlawpontiacdragseries.com) and if you finished in the top 10- Congratulations!! You will be receiving your check in the mail early next month.

Thanks to all who participated in the Points race this season. If you look at the final results you will see that it was again a close one this year with several of the top positions separated by only a couple points. It makes it interesting and also shows that our points system is effective and that everyone has a chance at a little extra cash. So next year plan to sign up for our points program. Remember that we offer at least your entry back if you finish in 10th and that we throw-out your lowest score in the season (unless we have more than one cancellation). Jeff Raff has already signed up- who’s next?!

Thanks to all who helped with setup and tear-down at Sunday’s race. It was cool to come back from the lanes to find everything packed up and that I didn’t have much to do before heading for home. I truly thank you!!

A final note on Sunday’s event. I was touched, as I’m sure those who were aware were as well, by the final tribute to Amy Staub, wife of Jim Staub, my great friend and go-to person on and off the track, who passed away after a long battle with Cancer. Some of Amy’s remains were packed in the chute of John Gaydosh’s ProStock Camero and was deployed at 199mph as he crossed the finish line giving Amy the “ride” of her life. I can just see her smile. Amy was a friend to many as well as a great photographer. She will be sorely missed by us all.

In the weeks and months that follow we will report on things related to OPDS and our plans for 2017- our 19th year! So stay tuned to our website and Facebook for the latest. Until then… stay Pontiacin’!

    Steve, 10/17/16