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January 2017

It’s mid-January and the schedule has been set. Click here to see the schedule page. We have a few other details to work out yet so the printed version will be appearing in your mailbox until sometime in February. If you have raced with us you are probably on our mailing list. If not, or you’re not sure and you want a printed version, email your address to opds2015@gmail.com.

The OPDS 2017 season will consist of 11 races with 7 of them at Mason Dixon and 4 at Cecil County. We have not determined rain dates yet. For those entered in the Points Program there will be 1 throw-out race for the season and a rainout is not counted as throw-out unless we have two or more events rained out; then one of the rainouts will be counted as the throw-out. Speaking of the Points program, we are continuing to charge a one-time fee of $45 to enter and will pay at least $45 to the 10th place finisher. Because of last year’s generous sponsor support we were able to pay the 10th place finisher $75. Let’s hope we can do it again this year! The top finisher in points will receive $1000 cash.

We had a winner in our “Sponsor Support Program”. Doug Chell’s name was drawn from the list of entries and was awarded the $300 cash, making Doug an even bigger winner in the 2016 season! We need to mention that Doug was generous enough to give back half of his prize to help support OPDS!! Thanks Doug! We are making a small change in the drawing for 2017. The number of “tickets” you have will be based on the number of receipts, not the value of each receipt. So, 1 receipt=1 ticket entered, 2 receipts=2 tickets, etc. We feel this gives everyone a better shot at winning the prize and hopefully will encourage everyone to enter.

There will be more information about our program, special events, etc to come later this Spring, so stay tuned, “enjoy” the Winter...see ya next round!

    Steve, 01/22/17

Time to catch up on some things before the end of the year and to inform you of some things that are in store for next season.

First off- if you plan to get entered in the “Sponsor Support Program” you need to get your receipts sent in by the 31st of Dec. You can email a copy, or snail-mail them to me but get them here- it could mean $300 cash toward your winter project! Email them to OPDS2015@gmail.com or email me at that address and I will give you the postal address to use. Remember, it’s any receipt showing your purchase of parts or services from any of our sponsors. The more $$$ you spend the more chances you have!

We have tried something new this year for our top 5 points leaders. At the suggestion of one of our racers, on December 3rd we held a gathering of our Top 5 to present them with their cash awards and trophys to applaud their accomplishments. We met at Madrones Bar & Grill in Frederick MD and enjoyed a great meal and the company of our Pontiac brothers. It was a good time and I hope that maybe we can make this a tradition for other years. This was a coordinated effort- suggested by racers and organized by racers and I have to say that it was great to attend this event and not have to do any of the work! Thanks a bunch to all involved.

We also want to again congratulate our 2016 Champion Doug Chell on his very successful season.


Next year

The dates requested for our 2017 season have been forwarded to Mason Dixon and Cecil County, the two tracks we will running. We have asked for 7 dates at Mason Dixon and 4 at Cecil. Again next year we have tried to avoid other events that are Pontiac related or events that our racers generally attend such as the Max Performance car show, Ocean City Cruise, etc. Hopefully we have not missed any.

With the 11 race schedule there will be one “throw-out” race unless we have two or more rainouts (or cancellations for any other reason), then there will be NO throw-outs.

In 2017 there will be a slight increase in our enty fees- Race entry will be increased to $25 and to enter the Points program a one-time fee of $45. We plan to keep our buybacks at $10.

Stay tuned for news on the upcoming schedule and other things you may want to know about the next season. Remember that you can email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions at OPDS2015@gmail.com . I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Holiday season and here’s hoping that the winter passes quickly so that we can get to racing again!

       til then…

    Steve, 12/05/16

Great turn out of Pontiacs at Cecil County Sunday (Oct 16) for the 11th and Final race of the 2016 season of the Outlaw Pontiac Drag series. It was a busy day and a great day for racing. At the end of the night and 6 rounds Jon Gunter came out on top of the 33 car field to take the win over Jeff Raff. Jon’s 65 GTO was off the dial by .018 vs Jeff’s 64 GTO off by .011 but made up the difference with a better light and took the win with a 9.338@141.86mph to Jeff’s 9.791@135.33mph. Great job guys!! This final race of the season offered a cool $1000 to the winner, the trophy and some cash from Max Performance - plus an additional $100 thrown in by Jim Hostler Transmissions- one of our great sponsors who raced with us on Sunday- Thanks Jim! Runner-up payout was $500 and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Semi-finals went to Randy Peer (63 Lemans) and Mike Wilson (70 GTO), who each received $175 cash and our Quarter finalists were Russ White (68 GTO), Cliff Mayes(82 Firebird), and Jason Rogers (05 GTO), who all collected $100 for their efforts. Congratulations to all our finalists!!

As mentioned, this was our final race for 2016 and also concluded our Points Series for the year. This year’s Champion is Doug Chell, who lead in the points for 7 of the 9 races we had this season, has been a top 5 finisher in points each year since he joined us in the early 2000’s and this year came out on top. Doug attributes his success to his persistence and to quote one of Doug’s favorite lines: ‘even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime’! Doug will receive the top prize of $1000 for his #1 finish in Points, and of course, a Championship trophy.

Check out our point finalists in the “Results” tab of our website (outlawpontiacdragseries.com) and if you finished in the top 10- Congratulations!! You will be receiving your check in the mail early next month.

Thanks to all who participated in the Points race this season. If you look at the final results you will see that it was again a close one this year with several of the top positions separated by only a couple points. It makes it interesting and also shows that our points system is effective and that everyone has a chance at a little extra cash. So next year plan to sign up for our points program. Remember that we offer at least your entry back if you finish in 10th and that we throw-out your lowest score in the season (unless we have more than one cancellation). Jeff Raff has already signed up- who’s next?!

Thanks to all who helped with setup and tear-down at Sunday’s race. It was cool to come back from the lanes to find everything packed up and that I didn’t have much to do before heading for home. I truly thank you!!

A final note on Sunday’s event. I was touched, as I’m sure those who were aware were as well, by the final tribute to Amy Staub, wife of Jim Staub, my great friend and go-to person on and off the track, who passed away after a long battle with Cancer. Some of Amy’s remains were packed in the chute of John Gaydosh’s ProStock Camero and was deployed at 199mph as he crossed the finish line giving Amy the “ride” of her life. I can just see her smile. Amy was a friend to many as well as a great photographer. She will be sorely missed by us all.

In the weeks and months that follow we will report on things related to OPDS and our plans for 2017- our 19th year! So stay tuned to our website and Facebook for the latest. Until then… stay Pontiacin’!

    Steve, 10/17/16

After bad weather cancelled our race on Oct 2 we successfully completed OPDS Race 10 at Mason Dixon on Sunday Oct 9th, and although we had to contend with a stiff breeze (sometimes a tail wind but mostly a cross wind) it was a great day for Drag racing. With the erratic weather and some of our regular Racers at the Ocean City Cruise we still had a 17 car field of great Pontiacs. We had some new racers show for this race and one of them- Jim Berry (80 Lemans Wagon) took the Win on Sunday when Andy Nutt’s 67 Lemans, had a “hiccup” before the 1000’ mark giving the win to Jim. Stats for our Winner and Runner-up: Jims Lemans- 11.93 (11.81dial) 100.82mph; Andy’s Lemans-10.928(9.90dial), 88.80mph. Jim took home $500 cash courtesy of OPDS, Mason Dixon Dragway, and Max-Performance; and the trophy! Andy collected $225 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance. Our other finalists for Sunday’s race: Semifinals: Greg Orris (05 GTO) and Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird) each received $50 cash and Quarter finalists Jon Gunter (65 GTO), T J Kirby (89 Firebird), Mike Clay (62 Catalina), and Doug Chell (67 Firebird) each received $40 for their efforts. Congratulations to all our finalists!! Thanks to everyone who helped-out with running the race and setup and teardown- Mike Clay, Carl Hazenstab, Chuck Hutzler, Andy Nutt and as always Jim Staub (and Mouse!) Good job!

Before I forget- I DID forget to post the results of Race 9 held on Sept 25 at Mason Dixon. I don’t want to let the finalists from that race go without the recognition they deserve for their efforts. Congratulations go out to Randy Peer (63 Lemans) laying down a dead-on his dial 9.430@ 140.44mph (.031 light) to take the Win over Runner-up Greg Garland (73 Firebird) who caught the ole Red-Eye on his last pass of the day. Semifinalists for that day were Doug Chell (67 Firebird) and Mark Harbaugh (00 Grand Am); Quarter finalists were Jason Rogers (05 GTO) and Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird). Congratulations to all these finalists!

Sunday was our last race at Mason Dixon for the 2016 season. We would like to thank the staff at MD for welcoming us and providing us with a safe and well prepped track. We started at Mason Dixon in 1999 and still consider it our “home” track and next season you will find us there again for our 19th year. Meanwhile, our final Race for 2016 will be held at Cecil County next Sunday (Oct 16) where we will find out who is to receive the 2016 Championship title and also where the rest of us fall in the points race. It is still a tight one for the top 10.

We hope to see a good turn-out for the CC event and don’t forget that we are giving the 2016 season a final send-off with a $1000 payout to the winner that day. For anyone planning to attend that hasn’t raced with us remember that it is Footbrake only (trans-brake allowed), one class only … and you don’t have to be in our Points program or a “member” to race with us. Come out and enjoy yourselves with the best Pontiacs around and the best people who own them!! See ya there!

     ‘till then…

    Steve, 10/10/16

Race 8 – August 27 – Mason Dixon Dragway

Twenty-two Pontiacs signed up on Saturday for our 8th race of the season and 20 made it to the first round to fight through the heat and humidity of the evening. It had been 6 weeks from our last race since Race 7 was canceled at Cecil County because of the extreme heat. Here’s hoping for good weather ahead so we can finish our last 3 races for the 2016 season.

At the end of the night you could see the smile and hear the joy all over the pits coming from Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird) after he took the win light over Jason Rogers (05 GTO). It was a close one with only .006 separating them at the light, in Chuck’s favor. Chuck took the win with an 11.569 on his 11.56 dial with Jason breaking out 13.338 on a 13.34 dial. Great job to our Winner and Runner-up. Chuck picked up a total of $500 from OPDS, Max-Performance and Mason Dixon, along with the trophy and Jason received $220 and a certificate from Butler LS Performance for the RU spot.

Coming in at the Semifinals was Wayne Garrison in his 66 GTO (10.266 @ 129.38 / 10.29dial). Doug Chell (67 Firebird) and Dale Grimm (68 Firebird) were our quarter finalists. Congratulations to all our finalists!

Doug Chell remains at the top of the Points race but with three races to go it looks to be another close one with only 3 round wins separating positions 3 through 10 and everyone with-in reach of #1. Check out the point standing on our website “Results” page.

Thanks go out to everyone who endured the heat and came out to race or watch. Thanks to Elmer and the crew at Mason Dixon for having us and providing a great racing surface, and thanks to all of you who race with us. It is a pleasure to know you all!

Our next race is back at Mason Dixon again- September 25. Remember, this is the race that was originally at Capital on the 16th but moved to MD on the 25th. We hope to see you all there. Until then…


Race 6 – Mason Dixon

In the middle of a weekend heat wave OPDS held Race #6 at Mason Dixon, Saturday July 23. The track delayed starting the program, opening the gates mid-afternoon and starting time trials in the early evening to help with the heat…and boy was it hot! You’ve got to recognize the fortitude of the 17 racers that showed. Not only the heat and humidity, but close to the time for time trails we had to endure a thunderstorm that put a quick soaking to everything. The coolness that the rain brought was short lived. With the storm’s passing it brought back the humidity with a vengeance. The DA was 2800+ ft., but none of this stopped our racers from doing what we came to do- race our Pontiacs!!

Because of track conditions at the far-end of the track due to the rain and the efforts it took to get it dried out in the high humidity, it was suggested that we run 1/8th mile on Saturday or else we may have to run our program late in the evening or possibly not at all! A quick driver’s meeting gave the consensus that we came here to race so we opted for the 1/8mi.

On the track- In the final round, run after 11 PM, still with overwhelming humidity, Steve Dress (68 Firebird) paired off against Kristine Woods in her 92 Sunbird. In a double breakout final Steve took the win light, breaking out less. Times for the final pair: Steve 6.668 (6.68 dial)@101.53 mph to Kristine’s 10.411(10.45 dial)@65.33mph. For the win Steve collected a total of $515 from OPDS, Mason Dixon and PYPES Performance Exhaust, and the trophy. Kristine received $230 and a certificate from Butler Performance for her Runner-up finish.

Semifinalists for the evening were Wayne Garrison(66 GTO) and Doug Chell (67 Firebird). Each received $50 for the trip home. The Quarterfinalists were Anne Beard(69 Bonneville), Chris Kelican(62 Catalina), Mike Clay(62 Catalina) and Jason Rogers(05 GTO). For their finish they each received $40. Congratulations to all our finalists. Be sure to check out the point standings on the “RESULTS” page.

Some notes— As mentioned in an earlier post, be sure your dial-in is correct before you move forward to stage. Saturday night claimed another victim. We had several mixed-up time slips as well and I was told that there were some track personnel substitutes who were unfamiliar with how things work. Check those dial-ins!!

Be sure to make it to our next event on August 14th at Cecil County. Remember, the Winner gets $1000 and the Runner-up $500! And because we are just past the half- way point in the season there is still time to sign up for our point series. Remember, finishing in at least 10th place gets your entry fee back!

We are sorry to announce the passing of one of a Pontiac racer who raced with us in years passed- Duke Jefferson, a member of the “Pittsburg Posse” passed away early this week; Our condolences go out to the family. A good racer and a really nice guy Duke and his 69 Bird will be missed by us all.

Again, a big THANKS to those racers (and family & friends) who endured it all Saturday night and also to the track personnel who gave us a great surface on Saturday night and who also braved it as well to make it a good day after all.

See you at the track! …til then- stay safe, stay cool.


    Steve, 7/28/16

Race 5 – July 9 – Capital Raceway High heat and humidity didn’t keep 21 Pontiacs from giving it a go on Saturday July 9th at Capital Raceway for the 5th race of our 2016 season. Thanks to everyone for helping with the heat issue. Billy Farrell, Bill Bolin, JEM Racing (Jen and Cliff Mayes) provided extra pop-ups for shade, cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches, as well as relief from the heat if needed in Jen and Cliff’s air conditioned motorhome. Thanks to you all for your support and generosity! Also a monster thanks to Bill Bolin for handling the race in Jim’s absence- Picking up the run sheets, signup, sales, and lots of picture taking (check ‘em out on Facebook). Great job Bill.

Our last race at Capital displayed a great field of Pontiacs ready to take on the heat. Track temps were in the 120’s and ETs were off with the DA approaching 3000ft but who cared- this is Pontiaction! At the end of the night it was Capital regular Wayne (Rip) Gilham taking on OPDS regular Doug Chell in a 1st gen Firebird final. Wayne’s 68 Firebird took the automatic win when Doug’s 67 Firebird rolled back out of the beams activating the automatic red light. Tough break on Saturday but Doug’s final round appearance puts him back in 1st place in the Point series for OPDS. Times for the final round pair were not available. Wayne’s win netted him $650 from OPDS, Capital Raceway and Pypes Performance Exhaust and a trophy. Doug collected $300 and a certificate from Butler Performance. Bryant (Axle) Denning drove all the way from Moyock, NC to finish in the Semifinal spot with yet another 1st gen Firebird. Axle drove his 69 Bird to 10.18 (10.17 dial) @ 130.22 mph, and collected $100 for his trip North. Quarter finalists for Race 5 was Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird) and Mike Clay (62 Catalina). Cliff’s times: 9.533 (9.50 dial)@138.66 and Mike’s time: 10.837 (10.75 dial) @125.94 Both received a take-home pay of $65 each. Congratulations to Rip Gilham and all our finalists! See how our racers ended up in the points by visiting our RESULTS page here on the OPDS website.

We are back at Mason Dixon for our next race on July 23, which is a Saturday and we would like to note that this race has a rain date of July 24, the next day. Based on projected weather reports it COULD be another hot one. OPDS will again provide cold drinks and shade for everyone visiting our pop-up. We hope to see you all there for Race 6, and remember the race after that is August 14th at Cecil County where we put up a cool $1000 cash to the winner. C U there! ….til then

    Steve, 7/15/16

Race #4 of the OPDS 2016 season was held at Mason Dixon this past Saturday and first of all we have to thank Gary Gore of Gold Dust Memories for asking us to be a part of their “Rocking Chair Nationals” and having us run our regular program as well as being a featured part of the show. Our Pontiacs were well received and Gary informed me that he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Pontiacs that participated. 31 of our finest showed up to race, and show, making it the second largest turnout we have had. Thanks to everyone who endured the heat, tight parking and long wait. I honestly think everyone had a good time taking in the show cars of all makes, the nostalgia drag cars and the exhibition runs while we waited.

Pontiacs on the track—As we approach midseason we notice the points tightening up with Jon Gunter and his awesome 65 GTO now leading in the Points race but 2nd and 3rd place less than 1 round win behind.

Here’s how it ended up on Saturday evening: Greg Orris and his ‘05 GTO took on Chris Kellican’s 62 Catalina but Greg caught the ole red-eye, giving the Win to Chris. Chris’s run: 8.665 (8.64 dial) @152.35mph; Greg 12.130 (12.15 dial)@113.63. Winner for this event received $550, the trophy and cash awards from Pypes Performance Exhaust and Mason Dixon Dragway. Runner-up received $310 and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Semifinalist for Race 4 was Jon Gunter who received $50 cash from OPDS. Jon’s times: 9.434 (9.45 dial)@ 139.99mph.

Quarterfinalists, each receiving $40, were Jeff Raff (64 GTO), Arnie Brewer (63 Lemans) and David Loy (93 Firebird). Congratulations to all our finalists and thanks to all who participated! Find all the Point standings on our “Results” page.

Thanks to the guys who helped on this day: Jim Staub for setup, teardown and everything in between and Bill Bolin for helping at the table and for all the excellent pics and videos- check them out on our Facebook page. Great job Bill!

Our next race is in two weeks, Saturday (July 9), at Capital Raceway. We hope to see you all there for Race #5!      ‘til then…

    Steve, 6/28/16

Race 3 – June 4 – Capital Raceway

If you receive text messages from one of the tracks where we race you have read that they have had 16 cancelled events so far this season due to weather! Looks like we dodged another bullet this past weekend at Capital Raceway. Storms threatened the evening but for us there was no rain and on June 4 twenty Pontiac racers made it to the first round of OPDS event #3 for a very long day of racing. After last year’s loss of his 69 Judge it was great to see Wayne Garrison take his new ride (66 GTO) to the winner’s circle again in a close one over Bridgeton, NJ’s Billy Farrell in his 84 T/A. Billy, who has raced with us before but has entered the points race this season let everyone know he is a force. Here’s the stats on the final: both drivers were .04 off the dial (Wayne 10.040 / 10.00 dial to Billy’s 10.694 / 10.65 dial and close on the tree: .030 vs Billy’s .041 making it a pretty good race. For his win Saturday night Wayne received a total of $660 from OPDS, Pypes Performance and Capital Raceway, along with a trophy. Billy took home $320 and a Certificate from Butler Performance.

Our Semifinalist was Jon Gunter in his always awesome 65 GTO who received $130 cash and the Quarter finalists Mike Clay (62 Catalina), and newcomer to our Points program Chris Kellican in Jamie Wise’s 62 Catalina each received $80. Congratulations to all our finalists and to all who endured the long day to race their Pontiacs.

Look for the complete listing of our Point Standings under the RESULTS tab.

For this event we need to thank the crew at Capital Raceway for a great racing surface, to Jim Staub for handling most of the duties during race day and to Bill Bolin for workin at the table as well and providing us with our morning donuts and nice cold drinks. Great day, great cars, great people. Thanks to you all!

Our next race is at Mason Dixon on June 25th (rain date June 26th) and remember we will be part of the ”Rocking Chair Nationals”. This is a regular race for us but in addition to that we will be featured as a part of the nostalgia program. Details are not available to me but I’m told it will be a good time. We will post any more details on FB or our website if they come available. Arrive early- it will be a long day, but not as long as a day at Capital I’m sure! Let’s have a good turnout and show the world our awesome Pontiacs

Now, a couple of notes: We need to be sure that everyone understands how points are accrued, especially when it comes to Buy-back rounds. First of all our points calculation method was established by our founding organization Outlaw Pontiac Racers Association when it was started a couple of decades ago. The system works very well and if you check our history it makes the points chase very fair, and close at the end of the season. When we started to incorporate Buy-backs we modified the system to allow some points for those who buy back into the race but in fairness to those who earned the win we offer only half the points to the racer who buys back in. This racer does receive full points for the first round as everyone else since points are generally decided by how many rounds you stage. Buy-back racers do receive the full amount of payout for the event if they place as a finalist. So, if you went to the final but thought you would get more points, I hope you know why you received the points that you have. For a complete explanation of the points go to our “rules” tab on OPDS website.

Speaking of staging, there is something else that we need to make clear to everyone. I find that new racers and even some rather experienced racers are not aware of how the system works at staging. When you pull to the burnout area there is generally a display of your, and your opponent’s, dial-in. At some tracks it will only be displayed on the scoreboards. IF you see that your dial-in is incorrect, OR if your opponent’s is incorrect, DO NOT proceed to stage. Once you light the STAGE light (the second bulb, under the PRESTAGE bulb) you have accepted the dial entered by the track and the computer will adjust the handicap according. YES, it is the fault of the track, but YOU are responsible for pointing it out and having it corrected. Otherwise you, by virtue of you or you opponent’s dial-in being incorrect, may be at a disadvantage and there is no rerun or do-over. I have had occasion where I refused to move forward, pointing to the dial-in board and having the starter walk over to me before the message got thru to them. Stand your ground; be sure your dial-in is correct. And one more thing: in defense of the track operator who is entering the dial-in: BE SURE YOUR DIAL-IN IS LEGIBLE, AND LARGE ENOUGH TO SEE FROM THE TOWER. I have been in the tower and witnessed dial-in that were not legible. Sometimes they even use binoculars to try to see them!! It’s to our own advantage to make this right. ‘nuff said…

See you all at the races! Til then…


May, 15 2016- Cecil County – Race #2

Mother Nature gave us a break, at least for the day, and we were able to have our Race #2 on Sunday, May 5th at Cecil County. Despite the fall-like coolness and the sometimes stiff tail wind, 27 of the area’s finest Pontiacs showed for the first round. Several new faces and most of our series regulars gave it a go and with the weather as it was, and the great track prep by Cecil County, we saw several new all-time best runs.

Our first event of the year ended up with Doug Chell and Steve Dress, in an all 1st gen Firebird matchup for the final with Doug’s 67 coming out on top of Steve’s 68 - Doug’s 9.525(9.49dial) to Steve’s 10.283(10.27dial). Doug collected from OPDS, Hostler Transmissions, and Pypes Performance Exhaust a total of $665 and a trophy for the win. Steve’s Runner-up netted him $290 and a Certificate from Butler Performance.

Tim Frederick got his 68 GTO to the semifinals but broke and was unable to make the call. Tim received $50 for the semi-final spot and the Quarters paid $40 to Russ White(68 GTO), Jim Pickett(61 Tempest Wagon), and Billy Farrell(84 Trans Am). Congratulations to all our finalists and thanks to everyone who came out to race with us on Sunday.

We also need to thank the usual cast of characters returning to help this season- Bill Bolin for his help at sign-up, 50/50 sales, promoting OPDS, and just being his usual entertaining self!...to Doug Chell for his efforts with our sponsors and supporters for the series…and of course Jim Staub- the Main Man who does it all when it comes to helping where help is needed. Thanks to you all!!!!

I also want to acknowledge our sponsors who make this series possible. Not expecting a lot in return from us, our sponsors nevertheless provide the means to keep the series going and to show their support of the Pontiac community- for 18 years, so far!! Of special note at this race Jim Hostler of Hostler Transmissions put up a Bonus $100 to the Winner of this event to continue to show his support. Now, that’s Cool!

If you missed the race some of the things discussed at our driver’s meeting included: Schedule change - Race #9 scheduled for Sept 10 at Capital has been cancelled and rescheduled for Sept 25 at Mason Dixon. You can go to the “Schedule” tab and print an updated version of our schedule.

Upcoming events- Race #4 (June 25) at Mason Dixon is to be a regular race for us but will be held on the same day, and as a part of, the “Rocking Chair Nationals” This is a nostalgia event offering several classes of nostalgia drag racing and show cars….and this year we have been invited to show/race our Pontiacs as part of the program- racing and show. Last year this event drew a lot of spectators and this year Gary Gore of Gold Dust Memories promises it to be even better. We’ll give you more details as we get closer to the date. Meanwhile, visit Gold Dust Memories Events on Facebook for more general information.

Also coming up up in 2016- at our next race at Cecil County (August 14)- we are putting up $1000 to the winner of that event. We have other “specials” for this season too. Stay tuned for details on when and where.

Throughout the season don’t forget that we offer a chance to win the “Bounty” at each race by knocking out the current Points leader, a $1000 payout to out Points Champion, drawings for a cash prize by purchasing from our sponsors, a competitive payout for each event and as always, a good time with our fellow Pontiac enthusiasts. How can you loose?! See you at the next race- June 4th- Capital Raceway.

…til then

    Steve, 5/19/16

Well, cancelling the first race due to rain hasn’t gotten us off to a good start, but who is going to let a little rain stop us huh? We’re going to get the season started this coming Sunday at Cecil County and so far- knock on wood as they say- the weather looks good. Gates open at 8am and “regular racing” begins at 10am. OPDS will be pitted on the grassy side (Tower side) of the track so be sure to use that entrance. We’re hoping for a good turnout; I think everyone is anxious to get out and get this party started!!

Hope to see you there. We have some announcements to make, one of them being that the September 10th race at Capital Raceway has been cancelled and will be rescheduled around that same date. Details will be announced as soon as we know the date and place.

Also, we are looking into adding a new class to our lineup, to be run at our events at Mason Dixon only. This would be a class for “first time Pontiac racers” in an effort to bring out those Pontiac enthusiasts who maybe don’t want to run against some of our more “seasoned” racers, or who would like to find out how their Pontiac runs but have never tried it at the track. We have several details to work out but stay tuned and we will try to bring this to fruition.

For our regular racers- don’t forget that we are offering $1000 to our Points champion for 2016, as well as competitive payouts at each event, along with our Bounty payout, Sponsor certificates, Sponsor Support Program, a chance at our 50/50 drawings, and, of course, some of the best company you can keep. We look forward to seeing you real soon. Pontiacs to the lanes!!

    Steve, 5/11/16

Just a little over a month to go before our 1st race of the 2016 season. I hope everyone is ready; I know I am! I thought we should put out some information for those who may like to join us this year as well as a little review of what’s up this coming season for those returning to race with OPDS.

The first race of our 11 race season is May 1 at Mason Dixon. No membership required- race with us once, or all season. The only “fee” is if you join up for points. $45 gets you entered for a shot at the $1000 payout to the #1 points racer at the end of the year, and we guarantee you will get at least your entry fee back if you finish in the top 10. Regular race fee is $20 plus the track’s gate fee. Our full schedule and rules can be found on the links located at the top of this page.

A couple of our races this year will have a little “extra” to offer. Scroll down the page and read about this special dates.

In 2016 we will again be offering a cash “Bounty” at each race for taking out the current points leader; Our “Sponsor Support” Program, offering a cash prize drawing to those who use parts or services from our sponsors; Gift certificates from our sponsors (now including Butler Performance LS for those who use LS power in their Pontiacs); a 1st time Free race entry ( OPDS entry only, not track gate fee), as well as our very competitive payouts (based on car count- no minimum). All this and the company of some of the greatest people around who share the love and enthusiasm for our Pontiacs.

Come out and join us on May 1st, or join us for a preseason Test-n-Tune on April 17, or come to the Royal GTO’s Spring Flea Market on April 10th (8- 1pm) held at Chuck Garrison’s, 424 Annabel Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21225 - phone Wayne Garrison 443-623-8011 for details.

We hope to see you all soon…’til then.

    Steve, 4/3/16
   The flyer for this season has been mailed. Click HERE for a full sized version.



Ignore Winter! … get ready to join us, the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series, for our 2016 season as we race into our 18th year of Pontiac Excitement. The schedule is now set and you can view the full list of events on our schedule page. Those of you on our mailing list will be receiving a printed schedule sometime next month.

We have a few things in store for 2016 and hope that you will want to join us for some fun, cash and Pontiac action. There are a few special events we have coming up throughout the season. On June 25th at Mason Dixon we will be a part of the “Rocking Chair Nationals”. This is one of the biggest events that Mason Dixon hosts, with plenty of Nostalgia Drag racing, Car show, Racing Personalities, and flea market. This year Gary Gore of “Gold Dust Memories Nostalgia Motorsports Events” has asked us to join and be a part of the show. On that day we will be holding our regular points race and in addition we will be part of the car show. We will pass along more information at our events, on this site, and on FB.  

On August 14th at Cecil County we are offering a bonus payout-  $1000 to our winner at that event. Plan to be there for that!

September 10th at Capital Raceway we will again be having a “Butler Performance Day”. On this day Butler Performance will be treating us to some gifts and snack bar goodies in recognition of our support of Butler Performance. Butler Performance has been with us since day 1 back in 1999 and we are very please that they appreciate our efforts…….

We continue to work on bringing the 2016 season together and some of our returning supporters are already on board again this year. In addition to Butler Performance (and their new addition Butler Performance LS ) is Kauffman Racing Equipment, Certified Auto Repair, JEM Racing, and Capital Raceway to name.
I’m planning for a great year and we hope to see you out there come May 1 at Mason Dixon.

Stay tuned….

Steve,  1/19/2016

 **  Things are coming together for the 2016 season and it’s time to let you in on what’s going on. The schedule has been approved for our races at Mason Dixon and Cecil County and we are “penciled-in” for our dates at Capital. As mentioned before we have increased Cecil and Mason Dixon and decreased Capital appearances with a total event schedule of 11 races and 4 rain dates at Mason Dixon. Even though we will be sending out a schedule flyer in the upcoming months, we are passing along the dates so that you can plan ahead for the season, but be aware that it is possible for some of the dates to change before the season actually gets underway. We will let you know asap but stay tuned for any updates.  The dates are as follows:

  • May 1 (Sunday)- MD
  • May 15 (Sunday)-CC
  • June 4 (Saturday)-CR
  • June 25 (Saturday)-MD
  • July 9 (Saturday)-CR
  • July 23 (Saturday)-MD
  • August 14 (Sunday)-CC
  • August 27 (Saturday)-MD
  • September 10 (Saturday)-CR
  • October 2 (Sunday)-MD
  • October 16 (Sunday)-CC

Several racers have asked about the survey we handed out back in August. Thanks to those who participated in the survey. It’s good to know how the group feels and to be honest, I was surprised at some of the responses. Here’s what we found out-

As already stated, you felt we should continue our connection at Capital (85%) but a slight majority (52%) wanted to race at more or other tracks with 69% of you wishing to have more races at Cecil. We have tried to adjust accordingly.

When asked about continuing the banquet it was split almost 50/50. Those who wanted to skip the banquet opted to increase the cash payout instead. For 2016 we are increasing the payout to out POINTS participants, giving the Champion $1000 cash and increasing the amount to all those in the TOP 10.

Concerning the classes we run: Survey says! : the majority (71%) said they didn’t mind running the slower cars and as for limiting the ET for the class it was split another 50/50. I have pondered over this for months; it’s never easy to satisfy everyone but to satisfy the majority I have decided to continue as we have for 13 of our 18 year existence and allow the slower cars to run. When we rewrote the rules 14 years ago we decided to include all Pontiacs regardless of year or how it was powered in an effort to keep interest in the brand. We have seen some of our “bowtie” powered friends work toward getting the correct motor in their Pontiac once they have realized and witnessed the awesome torque and capabilities of the Pontiac motor. And we have also witnessed others who bring their Pontiac labeled vehicles to our race only to take a shot at our payouts. Unfortunately, one comes with the other. We are not a continuing breed; our numbers are dying and allowing every “Pontiac” to race with us allows us to continue doing what we love. It all kinda boils down to our “mission”, as stated on Facebook—“to Provide an organized avenue for Pontiac drag racing enthusiasts to come together in an environment of low key, friendly competition where the whole family is welcome.”  

By limiting the ET we would be limiting the chance for some of those who wish to race their Pontiac but in a Street form can only run in the 14’s, or even 15’s and not allowing these Pontiacs to race with us again goes against what we have touted as our purpose. Some say that limiting our ET would force the slower cars to “step up” and become faster thus increasing the number of quick cars. I’m not so sure. We came to race at Capital because everyone was telling us that there were so many Pontiacs in the area and that our numbers would grow- didn’t happen. With the state of the Pontiac today, with it’s rarity and desirability as a collector car increasing, I find it hard to believe that our numbers would increase significantly by lowering the ET requirements.

Some races expressed concern that there was a safety factor involved. If a really quick car got out of control and crashed into a slower car, whose driver wasn’t required to have a roll bar, harness or helmet, it could be bad news. In today’s bracket classes there is the same disparity in some classes and you find very quick cars up against cars that are slower than them by several seconds and not requiring the safety equip. This is not to say that this makes it ok, but it points out that this is the way it is and that this is just a part of racing. No one guarantees that it is a 100% safe environment.

The one answer to all of this is to have two classes. OPDS had two classes several years ago but due to low turn-out in the slower “Street” class we had to join them together and offer only one class. This was dictated by the track operator. IF we could guarantee 8-10 cars in the street class each race we could again have two classes, but until then we will offer our “Street”/ slash slower cars the chance to enjoy the ¼ mile with us and continue to offer them the chance to take home some fun and some cash.

I’m hoping that everyone will keep an open mind, welcome all Pontiac racers to our group and enjoy the sport. I think we have a good thing going and even though we are a small, diversified group we have a good time showing off our Pontiacs. There’s more to come and much to do before the start of the 2016 season. Until then, enjoy the time you have with your family, get that Pontiac ready and join us on May 1st at Mason Dixon.  until then…

Steve, 1/8/16

 ** Website updates:  Website updates have been slow lately.  The PC that I used to code the website crash a couple of weeks ago. I have been limitied as to what I could do.  I have purchased another laptop and I am in the process of installing the required software.  Some of it was outdated and rather expensive to replace, so I am looking for alternatives. Things should be back to normal soon and I will get this season's winners on the top of the pages soon.  

Jim, 1/8/16

It is mid-December and we are hot on the trail planning our 18th season for the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. We already have some dates set and we will get the schedule out to you as soon as all dates are confirmed. As a result of our survey last season we have increased our number of races at Cecil County to 3, decreased our number of races at Capital to 3, and increased the number of times we race at Mason Dixon to 5. That means we are trying to have 11 events again in 2016 and hopefully we will not get any of them rained out. Speaking of rain, we are making an attempt to have rain dates for four of our events at Mason Dixon. Trying to avoid other Pontiac events, the OC Cruise, Norwalk, Mother’s Day, etc. makes it almost impossible to schedule more rain dates. It’s a struggle to find regular dates that will work without bumping into other events or having our racers run every week. Also, getting other venues to accept our program is tough. Most tracks have their schedules filled with specialize events and fitting in with their regular bracket program again becomes an effort to avoid other dates we need to avoid. That is the reason we have not scheduled events at other tracks next season. Some racers requested more or different places to race. I have to admit that I have fallen short in this effort. Hopefully next season we can get to work on it earlier and make this happen. For 2016 however, we are concentrating on the tracks that welcome us and help with support (ie cash) for our series.

Survey Says! ... Based on another topic of our survey we have decided for 2016 to again not have a yearend banquet and to take the proceeds normally used for the banquet and give it back to the racers. The results were split pretty even so I have made the decision, based on personal reasons, to forgo the banquet. I do hope we can have some otherwise informal gatherings throughout the season as we have in the past. So, for next season we are offering an increase payout to our points Champion. Top racer will receive $1000 and there will be an increase across the board with the #10 finisher receiving at least their entry fee for their finish. Based on past seasons, if you attend all races odds are pretty good that you will at least finish in the top 10.

For 2016 the entry fees for the race will remain fixed at $20 with no reduced fee at Capital or Cecil. Also we are increasing the Points entry fee to $45- a $5 increase. Buy-backs will be a fixed $10 and we will, of course, offer a “Bounty” paid to anyone taking out the current point leader. For next season we are planning to revive the “Sponsor Support” program so start spending and saving those receipts from any of our sponsors to be eligible for a prize at the end of the season.

That’s if for now. Next time we will offer-up the race dates and some other information that racers will want to know. Until then have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.
    Steve, 12/20/15
2015 Season
** ** **
2015 Season end…

Well, it’s the Fall season and the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series’ season is over for 2015 so I guess it’s time for me to catch up on things that I have let slide. Therefore, you will see a write-up of our Race 10 posted below and because our very last race of the season was cancelled due to weather, you will read the yearend report in the paragraphs below.

Our 17th season (2015) was a great year in many respects. Even though we had 3 of our 11 races cancelled, we had a larger turnout of racers at our events, our Points program had more signups than ever, we paid out more than ever in cash winnings and we garnered more support from our great sponsors than in previous years… and we saw some new faces and great Pontiacs as well.

Next season we hope to bring even more to the table by offering a greater payout for the points program and maybe some new programs to keep it interesting. I have been asked by several people the results of the survey we handed out in the latter part of the season. We will be putting out the results of our survey by the end of the year. I would also like to invite anyone to open any discussion of ideas you have concerning the season so feel free to contact me and let me know what you’re thinking. We are always open to new ideas; practically everything we do has been the result of one of our racers giving us an idea or a thought to work on.

Unfortunately, as I stated in the beginning of the season we will not be having a year-end banquet. We will possibly be having some gatherings as the winter rolls by where we can get together to eat (of course !) and to bench race or talk about whatever in the world you would like to talk about. Keep your eye on this site or Facebook for any of these happenings. Meanwhile, we will be sending checks out to our top 10 finishers in the Points program. I will let you know when that happens so you know to look for them and if you have changed your address since the start of the 2015 season please contact me so that we have your check going to the right place.

In conjunction with that we want to congratulate out top finishers for 2015:

Champion for 2015 – Steve Dress – 68 Firebird
Runner-up - Chuck Hutzler – 88 firebird
3rd place – Greg Orris – 05 GTO
4th place – Doug Chell – 67 Firebird
5th place – Jason Rogers – 05 GTO
6th place – Kristine Woods – 92 Sunfire
7th place – Cliff Mayes – 82 Firebird
8th place – Anne Beard – 69 Bonneville
9th place – John Drury – 72 Pontiac
10th place – Wayne Garrison – 67 GTO

For a complete listing of our Points Program and how everyone finished for the season, click on the Results page above. Remember, if you are thinking about entering our points program, the 10th place finisher receives at least their entry fee to the program at the end of the season.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone for a great season- our racers, the tracks that host us, the family & friends that come to cheer us on and to our sponsors who help make it all happen. Remember to support our sponsors and use them when you work on your Pontiac, or your family transportation, over the winter.

Until next season (our 18th year) enjoy the holidays, be safe and stay tuned!

til then…
    Steve, 11/23/15
** ** ** Race #10 – Capitol Raceway - October 10    OPDS held Race #10 at Capitol Raceway on Saturday, October 10th and along with our regular race class we also ran a Pontiac Quick 16 race that had been cancelled from September 12 due to rain on that date. More on the Q16 later.

Twenty one cars made the first round of the “no Box” OPDS class and it was a good showing of some great Pontiacs. Some of our regulars tried their luck in the Q16 class and also ran the no-box class as well, including Doug Chell and Troy Tribby. Track conditions were great in the early rounds but as the evening came upon us the humidity hit a saturated 100% and the cars, as well as the track, became very moist to say the least! Even though our class(s) were running 1/4 mile, in the interest of safety, we were switched to 1/8 mile before running the Semifinals.

It turned out to be a rewarding evening for the later model Pontiacs as we saw Greg Orris in his 05 GTO get the ole Red-Eye in the final, handing the Win to Kristine Woods and her 92 Sunfire. Kristine took home the trophy, a $50 Cash certificate from MaxPerformance and $590 cash. For his Runner-up finish Greg received $310 cash and a $50 Certificate from Butler Performance. It’s interesting to note that both of this cars were 1st round “runner-ups” but bought back in and prevailed to take home the prize at the end of the night! Congratulations Kristine and Greg!

Current Points leader Steve Dress (68 Firebird) and John Drury ( 72 Pontiac) were the semifinalists on Saturday and both received $70 for their efforts. Quarterfinals found Doug Chell (67 Firebird), Wayne Garrison (67 GTO), Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird), and Donald Gertz (83 GP) each collecting a $40 cash payout. Congratulations to all our finalists!

It was a great show of some great Pontiacs as Derrick Purvey ( https://www.facebook.com/purveymotorsports.landcruiserperformace) put together a Quick 16 with some of the quickest Pontiacs around including Scott Rex’s Firebird that laid down a fine looking 7.11@198mph in one of the qualifying sessions. But at the end of the night it was Alex (sorry, I’m not sure of his last name) in his 2nd Gen Firebird who made the trip from Canada worthwhile as he bested Richie Hoffman’s Grand Am in the final. Alex not only won the two grand and a (bare) set of Tiger II heads courtesy of All-Pontiac, but also took home a bonus $200 for winning the event using a small tire (10” or less). It was a great race and we were happy that it was a success after the original date got rained out and was moved to this later date. I understand that Derreck is planning another race next season. Should be a good one!

Many thanks go out to all those who helped and especially to Jim Staub and Paul Beard for making the day go a lot easier for me. We also want to thank Jimmy Bradshaw and the entire crew for providing a great, and safe, racing surface and for hosting us this season. Great job by all involved!
    Steve, 11/23/15
** ** ** Race 9- Sunday- Mason Dixon Dragway Many of us thought that this race would not happen. Weather reports throughout the week were up and down as to the amount of rain that was predicted for Sunday’s race. However, as mentioned before, you just don’t know. Twenty-one Pontiacs took the chance, drove through the rain and mist to Mason Dixon and were rewarded with a good day of racing for their efforts. We had a short pause for a very brief spattering of rain but otherwise it was only a cloudy day.

20 cars made it to the first round and 6 rounds later, when the final pair of Pontiacs cleared the traps, it was Steve Dress (68 Firebird) getting the win light over a red lighting Greg Orris (05 GTO). Steve’s times- 11.743 (11.73dial)@ 114.86 vs Greg’s 12.095(12.08dial)@ 113.60. Steve received a total cash prize of $550 from OPDS, Mason Dixon and Max Performance, along with a trophy for the win. Greg took home $250 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Semifinalist was Jason Rogers (05 GTO) and Quarterfinalists were Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird) and Mike Clay (62 Catalina). Semis paid $50 and the Quarters received $40. Congratulations to all our finalists. You can check out the Results page to see the point standings for this season. With only two races remaining some of the top positions are still anybody’s guess.

At this event we were proud to present a TH-400 transmission to Jim Staub, courtesy of Greg Orris(Certified Auto Repair), Jim Hostler (Hostler Transmissions) and OPDS, for his commitment and labors for the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series. We often thank Jim in these write-ups but it was great to be able to show in another way that we recognize him for all he does. Also, we hope that this will help him in his effort to get his 73 Bird up and running so he can enjoy the day in a different capacity!

Thanks also to everyone for coming out on Sunday and since it was our last race at MD for the season we want to thank Elmer and the whole crew for hosting our races there, providing a great racing surface and a safe environment to do it. We plan to be back at MD next season. Until then we have 2 more races to go including the October 10 race (#10) at Capitol Raceway which also includes the Quick 16 race that was cancelled on September 12th. Any help at this race would be appreciated as Bill will not be able to make it and Jim may need to work. We finish up the season at Cecil County (#11) on October 25th. Cecil is a fast track and with the Fall air it should be a good one if you’re looking for that ‘best run yet’. I’m looking forward to it!! See you all at the races!

Til then…
    Steve, 9/30/15
** ** **
Since Race 8 on September 12 at Capitol Raceway was a rain-out, we are heading into the home stretch with three races to go and 2 races behind us that never happened due to bad weather. We announced at the start of the season that we were having two throw-outs this season. We are going to use one of the rained-out races to be one of those throw-outs and the other will have to be from the remaining races that did/will be run this season. We feel this gives everyone a chance to get a few more points into your total score and since the top few positions (actually the top 10 positions) are up for grabs we thought this was a fair way to handle the rainouts and the throw-outs.

Even though we had a rain-out at Capitol last week we still had a good time and stuck to our theme of eating if we can’t race. Those who tried to imagine that there would be clear skies and lots of drag racing that day instead enjoyed a good breakfast/lunch at the Nautilus Diner with a bunch of other OPDS racers.

Making the call on a rainy day is tough and I thank all of you for understanding. If we call the race and the track hasn’t cancelled, and they end up running the program, there would be some upset Pontiac racers if they bothered to show up and OPDS wasn’t there. On the other hand I know it seems crazy to head out on a long drive to the track when it’s raining in your driveway and the prediction is at 60%chance of rain, but I can site many times where you would have thought that the race would never happen and find out that the weather front move off quicker than expected, the rain showers were lighter than expected, or the weatherman was just plain wrong! Anyhow, thanks for understanding. Hopefully we will not have to make that call the rest of this season.

Coming up next Sunday, Sept 27 is Race #9, our last race this season at Mason Dixon, followed in two weeks by our race #10 at Capitol where we are again planning to hold a Quick 16 class along with our normal OPDS class. And finally two weeks after that we wrap up the season at Cecil County on Sunday, October 25. It’s a busy schedule and with the cooler weather starting to creep in it should be a great time to be racing. So, get ‘em ready. Pretty soon it’s “Pontiacs to the lanes”!

til then…
    Steve, 9/21/15
** ** ** Race 7 - August 29 – Mason Dixon Dragway Greg Orris, 2014 Runner-up and 2013 season Champion, took his 05 GTO to the winner’s circle after 6 rounds of competition, besting the 24 car field at OPDS’s 7th race at Mason Dixon Dragway on Saturday August 29. Greg took the win light in a double break-out final against Kristine Woods and her 92 Sunbird which was just repaired for the race in the early AM of race day! Greg’s time: 12.201, 112.8mph (12.21 dial) to Kristine’s 16.291, 82.37 (16.31 dial). Greg took home $550 cash, a certificate from Pypes/MaxPerformance and the trophy for winning and Kristine received $280 cash and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Semifinals went to Rick Garden (69 Judge) and Quarterfinals were awarded to Andy Nutt (67 Lemans), Nick Wiegard ( 86 T/A), and Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird). Semi paid $50 and Quarters paid $40. Congratulations to all our finalists!

At this race we handed out a survey, asking our racers to let us know how they felt about some issues that we are facing, including which tracks to race at, how many races to have, questions on brackets, the Banquet and anything else that may be on their mind. The results were interesting, but we will let you know at the end of the season what we have learned. If you haven’t received a survey pick one up at the next race, fill it out and be a part of some of the decisions we make to hopefully make your day at an OPDS race even better!

Thanks to everyone for coming out on what ended up being a very long day for a MD race. To all the racers, sponsors, fans and supporters we thank you and hope to see you all at the next race on September 12 - Capital Raceway. Look for additional information concerning that race in the following days.

Til then…
** ** **
Race 6 – August 23 – Cecil County Great day for racing this past Sunday at Cecil County Dragway and a perfect Birthday for our Winner Chuck Hutzler as he took his 88 Firebird to the Winners circle. Chuck got past the 24 car field and finally met up with runnerup Jason Rogers and his 05 GTO. Chuck’s times: 11.682 (11.67 dial) 115.02mph to Jason’s 13.150 (13.10) at 106mph. I must say I never saw a happier winner than Chuck that day as he gathered up the $830 for his efforts, along with a Check from Maxperformance/Pypes, and the trophy for Race 6. Great job Chuck! Jason took home $310 and a certificate from Butler Performance.

Finishing up in the Semifinal spot was Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird), and in the Quarters the cash was handed to Rick Garden(69 Judge), Anne Beard(69Bonneville) and John Gaydosh (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX). Cliff received $80 for his semi finish and Rick, Anne, and John each took home $40 for getting to the Quarterfinals. Congrtaulations to all our finalists.

Turnout for this event was great- not that we had so many cars but for those who appeared. Jamey Horton and his 66 Tempest made the long trek from NY. We’re sorry to report that Jamey’s motor gave it up in time trials putting him out of the competition for the day and making it a long trip back home I’m sure. We also saw Mike Wilson in his 70 GTO in from NJ and some of the “Pittsburg Posse” made it too. Great seeing Billy Ferrell, Rick Garden and John Labuda again.

Some of our great sponsors showed up as well and brought their race cars along: Jim Hostler from Hostler Transmissions, John Gaydosh from Gaydosh Performance and Paul Spotts from Spotts Performance. It was great seeing these guys again and to make it even sweeter all three of them tossed in $100 cash to the Winner! What can we say- it’s the best of the best. Can’t say enough about all of our sponsors for their support of our series.

Thanks go out to everyone involved with our event at Cecil, including the crew at Cecil county Dragway for giving us a great surface to race on and for helping us past a few “glitches” in our day with no complaints. In fact they were very complimentary and impressed with our Pontiacs. I hope to show them even more when we reappear at Cecil on the last race of our season- October 25th.

Thanks as always to everyone who helped out on this day with setup and take down and for just plain being there! I always have to mention a big thanks to Jim Staub. Without him handling the running of the event it would be a LOT more hectic. Thanks Jim. Also to Jim’s wife Amy and Rick Lee for giving us some great pictures of the day. Check them out on FB.

The next event is in just a couple days – Saturday, August 29- Mason Dixon. Their website says Gates Open 12  Noon, Jrs 1pm – 2:230pm, class cars 3pm. We hope to see you all there!
** ** **
Race #5 – July 25 – Mason Dixon Dragway -- The heat and humidity couldn’t keep the faithful away from going for the prize at OPDS Race #5 on Saturday, July 25 at Mason Dixon Dragway. 21 racers showed for the race and 6 rounds later Rick Garden (69 Judge) took the Win in a double breakout race against Steve Dress (68 Firebird). It was a close one with a MOV of .0049 and Rick came out on top- 10.372 @ 126.68 (10.40 dial) to Steve’s 11.748 @ 111.88 (11.78 dial). Reaction times not noted to protect the embarrassed! Rick took home the $1000 cash from OPDS as well as $50 from MaxPerformance/Pypes and $50 from Mason Dixon, and the trophy. Runner-up Dress received $500 cash and a Certificate from Butler Performance.

Semifinalist Andy Nutt (67 Lemans) won $125 for his finish and Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird) and Ray Williams (97 Sunfire) each took home $75 as Quarterfinalists. Congratulations to all our finalists. You can check out the point standings on the RESULTS page. As usual the top 10 positions are really tight in the points and with 6 races to go it’s going to be another close one at the end.

Rather than forget some one’s name, I will say THANKS to all of you who helped on Saturday with setup, teardown and running of the event. Also, I hope everyone enjoyed a cold drink and got some shade courtesy of OPDS. Maybe we will offer our Hospitality area again at some other races…

Note to those going to the ROYAL GTO PICNIC at Wayne Garrison’s: Please RSVP to Wayne by August 8- (443) 623-8011.

Lots more racing to come - Our next race (August 23) will be the first of our two events at Cecil County this season. Again we’re looking for a good turnout of Pontiacs. Let’s show Cecil what we’re about!

To those of you heading to Norwalk- be safe, good luck and think about us who wish we were there!! See you all next Race.

Til then…
    Steve, 7/30/15
** ** **
Race #4 – Capitol Raceway – July 11, 2015 -- Kind of a slim turnout for a Capital race but the 17 racers who braved the heat and traffic to race with us put on a good show. The crew at Capitol Raceway ran a good program on Saturday and the track surface was great as usual. We want to thank Jim Bradshaw and his staff for welcoming us and providing Bonus $$ to our group.

At the end of the day Cliff Mays (82 Firebird) came out on top, winning the final round against a breaking out Doug Chell (67 Firebird)- Cliff’s 9.503 @ 142.94 (9.47 dial) to Doug’s 9.829 @ 136.76 (9.83 dial). For his win Cliff took home $600, a certificate from MaxPerformance, and the trophy. Doug gathered $300 for his Runner up finish along with a Certificate from Butler Performance.

Semifinals went to Steve Dress (68 Firebird) and Chuck Hutzler (88 Firebird) who each received $70 and Quarterfinalists were Jason Rogers (05 GTO), Anne Beard (69 Bonneville) and Greg Orris (05 GTO). Each received $60 for their efforts.

Thanks to Jim Staub, and Bill Bolin for handling the tent, sign-up , teardown, sales and whatever else was needed, along with Paul Beard, Andy Nutt, Chuck Hutzler, Doug Chell. Special thanks to the ladies of the day(Anne Beard and Jen Mayes) who nursed me through the numbing headache and fogginess I was going through. You guys (gals) were super- I’ve felt better sense then and yes, I have gone to the doctor!!

This race puts us half way through the number of races at Capital. Our next race there is featuring our offering of the Quick 16 class for any Pontiac door car running 9.49 or quicker, offering $2000 cash and a set of Tiger heads to the winner!! So, if you have a quick Pontiac and want to participate, check out our flyer, or give me a call at the contact number listed. We are also having our regular OPDS points race on that day as well and again it would be great to have a bunch of Pontiacs in attendance to show the crowd on hand what we’re about.

BUT FIRST – don’t forget our very next race on July 25th at Mason Dixon. We are paying out $1000 to the Winner of this event, our 5th OPDS race. Any and all Pontiacs are invited!! We expect to see a good crowd at this one too. So get those Pontiacs cranked up and bring em on out to Mason Dixon on Saturday, July 25. It’s sure to be a good time win or lose!!

Til then…
    Steve, 7/16/15
** ** **
Race #2 – June 6- Capital Raceway -- I’d like to start out by Thanking Bill Bolin for the write up that he shared with us on Facebook about spending his 50th Birthday with us at OPDS’s 2nd race on June 6th at Capital Raceway and invite you to join us on our FB page to enjoy Bills many interesting posts!

Twenty-one cars showed for our first outing at Capital in 2015 and 6 rounds later (because all 1st round losers bought back!) we finished right at the curfew with Steve Dress (68 Firebird) coming out on top against a breaking-out Joe White and his 64 GTO. Cliff Mayes (82 Firebird) got the kinks ironed out of his new combo and ended up as the Semi-finalist. Wayne Garrison took advantage of the rule allowing a racer to use a GMC truck to run in place of a broken race car for one event and, along with Jason Rogers (05 GTO), finished in the quarter-finals. You will remember that Wayne was involved in a crash at out 1st race that destroyed his beautiful, well recognized 69 GTO. It was great to see Wayne back in the action and being competitive with his GMC. Wayne is working on a new race car and we hope to see him soon at an upcoming event defending his 2014 Points Championship title.

Also noteworthy in the quarterfinals was seeing the “return” of Jason Rogers, former OPDS Street champ and OPDS Warrior class champ after being away for 6 years. Looks like Jason hasn’t forgotten how to handle that Goat!! Great seeing you again Jason.

Many thanks go out again to Bill Bolin for working the sign-up table, selling 50/50, Hats, T-shirts, as well as chasing down racers when needed and sharing his Birthday cupcakes with us! Also thanks for the help with set up and teardown to Anne and Paul Beard, Mike Clay, Jeff Raff and of course Jim Staub.

Thanks also to Jim Bradshaw and the crew at Capital Raceway for providing us with a great racing surface and welcoming us to their facility. We will be back at Capital for Race 4 on July 11 but first you will find us at Mason Dixon Dragway for our Race #3 on June 27. It looks like a busy day there as we share the track with the “Rocking Chair Nationals” on that day. Lots of great nostalgia cars, lots of racing classes and of course- the OUTLAW PONTIAC DRAG SERIES. See ya there.

until then…
    Steve, 6/17/15
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In conjunction with Purvey Motorsports, and alongside regular bracket race, we will be holding a Quick 16 race at Capitol Raceway on Sat. Sept 12th 2015.

The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series is a foot brake (No delay box) class, but we have received many requests for a delay box class so this is your chance to come support a Pontiac racing series that has been around for 17 years.

This Quick 16 race is open to all PONTIAC powered door cars that run 9.49 or quicker. It has a GUARANTEED purse of $2000 to the winner and $500 to the runner-up. Entry fee is $100 ($50 at the gate, $50 at our tent). Any cars that don't qualify for the Quick 16 can roll over into Capitol Raceway Class 1 and run for their $3000 to win. The same goes for first round losers of the quick 16, you can buy back into the class 1 Capitol race and continue there.

If you don't run 9.49 or quicker, you can run in our normal bracket class, without the delay box in your car.

The race is at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD www.Capitolraceway.com ,the 2014 IHRA Division 1 Track of the year!!!

The Facebook event page is here.

More details to follow.

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Sunday, May 3rd , was a great day for our first race of The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series 17th season- beautiful weather and a record turnout for our first event of 2015 . It turned out to be a bitter sweet day however when we saw our 2014 Points Champion Wayne Garrison involved in a horrific crash at Mason Dixon Dragway. Fortunately Wayne was able to get out of the car on his own but suffered a traumatic hand injury in addition to the expected aches and pains from the crash. Now is the time that we are all grateful for the required safety equipment as well as the quick response of the crew at Mason Dixon in handling the crash. I’m told that Wayne is home and doing well and will be undergoing surgery on his hand at some point. Visit our Facebook page to pass on best wishes or messages to Wayne. Thanks to everyone who helped in getting Wayne's things together and back home and to those who expressed their concern and prayers for his quick recovery. A better bunch of people would be hard to find!!

As mentioned it was a record turnout for the first race of the season with 28 Pontiacs signed up to have a go at the trophy. As the last pair cleared the traps we found Steve Dress (68 Firebird) take the Win light over Johnny James (74 Ventura). Semifinals went to Anne Beard (69 Bonneville) and Quarters to Kristine Woods (92 Sunbird) and Wayne Garrison (69 GTO). Winner paid $580 in total cash, the trophy and a certificate from Maxperformance. Runnerup received $300 and a certificate from Butler Performance; Semis paid $50 and Quarters $40.

A big Thank You to those who helped with setup, & teardown, the crew at Mason Dixon for having us and helping us through it all, and to the racers and fans who came to participate or watch.

Some announcements for those who were not there or have not received our schedule flyer:

Our next scheduled race is at Capitol Raceway on June 6. At this race the gate fee will be increased to $50 but we will give our racers a break at our signup tent. Remember that the payouts are also increased at Capitol races. As always it will be a busy day at Capitol but try to arrive early because pit spaces go fast.

The Pypes Exhaust /MaxPerformance annual car show is being held on June 19 &20. Pick-up a flyer for this show at our tent next race or go to the following link for details: http://www.maxperformanceinc.com/carshow.html.

We announced that there will not be a Second-Chance cash award this season but instead we have increased the “Bounty” payout to $35. (Beat the Current Points Leader and take the Cash!). Also we are continuing with the “Sponsor Support Program”- giving those who support our sponsors a chance to win a nice prize for that support. In addition Gaydosh Performance has recently offered to the Winner of our Points series a $500 cash bonus if that racer is running Gaydosh power!

Checking out our schedule you will notice a bonus payout at Mason Dixon for our race there on July 25 where we’ll pay $1000 to our winner that day!

Read the previous announcement below for details on the Quick 16 race held at Capital Raceway on September 12, where we are paying out $2000 to the winner AND All-Pontiac has thrown in a set (bare) of Tiger 2 heads to the Winner as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about things and you don’t necessarily want it spread all over the internet you can contact me at the following email address: opds2015@gmail.com .

We hope to see everyone at Capitol on the 6th. Until then have a great month and be safe!
    Steve, 5/6/2015